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Why It’s Important to Invest in A Good Ref?

Why It’s Important to Invest in A Good Ref?

Made with Chef JM Sunglao


A refrigerator is an important high-ticket household item and I know that choosing the right brand and model is not an easy task. As with any investment decision, you should make sure it fits your needs, and always think long-term, to make sure you get your money’s worth.

You would have to factor in not only the physical design and aesthetics, but likewise consider the overall value – will it efficiently serve its purpose? For how long? How will it improve the quality of my life?

It makes sense for you to start with a lot of research (as I usually do) but as you go through with the actual research, you will encounter a lot of tech jargon and specs. This will be very confusing, I know, so here are the things you should look out for:

Space. I can still recall back in my childhood, this small, single-door ref served our family of five. With limited space, food was always being crammed inside so we sometimes ended up drinking ‘fishy’ water. Or eating ‘garlicky’ fruits. How yucky is that? This mixing of tastes and smells also contributed to the short shelf life of food items.

And since we Pinoys love reusing ice cream tubs to store adobo for example, we need a ref designed to accommodate bulky food containers. I can stomach the heartache of opening an ice cream tub only to find leftover ulam inside – but not a small ref space!

Healthy air circulation. A ref in a tropical country like ours must have an excellent air circulation and temperature control with power saving and no-defrost features. Those features are essential in keeping your food clean and fresh for a longer period. Air circulation helps eliminate the spread of odors from one food item to another.

Freezing mechanism. I’m sure you would want a ref that has excellent temperature controls – one that freezes your food at the optimal temperature, this makes it so much easier and faster to cook food when you need to.

Chef JM with his Panasonic Refrigerator with Prime Fresh Freezing.

Chef JM with his Panasonic Refrigerator with Prime Fresh Freezing. 

As a chef, I have already used a wide range of refrigerator brands. One ref that really works for me is the Panasonic Prime Fresh Refrigerator. It perfectly fits my needs.

Its Prime Fresh Technology is particularly impressive. The soft-freezing feature chills food at the optimal temperature of -3ºC while still preserving its original texture and nutrients. My rascal friends have this habit of just showing up in my apartment – with this ref, I simply take the food out of the Prime Fresh compartment. The meat is firm but not overly frozen – no more thawing - and it is easy to cut or slice. I am always ready to cook!

Also, Prime Fresh soft-freezing helps me keep raw meat and fish up to 7 days, which usually last for only 3 days when stored in an ordinary chilled compartment. I can also just easily scoop left over ulam for reheating. Again, all because food is kept at the just the optimal freezing temperature. 

Prime Fresh Freezing retains food’s original texture and nutrients.

Prime Fresh Freezing retains food’s original texture and nutrients.

It's also very comforting to know that Panasonic uses a new hygiene solution developed based on the very high standards of comfort, health, safety. This solution, called BlueAg, has been developed using a combination of blue light and silver ions, helps to kill up to 99.99% of bacteria.

I can confidently say that my Panasonic ref is very reliable and exceptionally durable. Not to mention it has a 12-year warranty. It’s a must have in any kitchen, as they say ‘refrigerator is the heart of every kitchen’ – and it’s definitely worth the investment!

Make a great investment in keeping your food as fresh and nutritious everyday like I do, and check out the latest models of Panasonic Refrigerators here.

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