Panasonic’s Next-gen Intelligent Front Load Series with Hygiene and Smart-sensing Technology

Panasonic’s Next-gen Intelligent Front Load Series with Hygiene and Smart-sensing Technology

February 19, 2021, Manila, Philippines - Panasonic Manufacturing Philippines Corporation (PMPC) unveiled its advanced innovation in laundry care which deploys intelligent features to maximize wash capabilities which prioritizes ultimate hygiene performance. The new Panasonic washer dryer series is tough on germs and bacteria which is important in the care of baby clothes, as they are washed frequently yet need to be sanitary and germ-free. The front load washer dryer series offers consumers superior, hygienic cleaning that is efficient and time-saving with its combo wash-and-dry capabilities.

“In today’s world, we know that hygiene is at the top of everybody’s mind, more so parents and caregivers who want to ensure their babies, kids, and family are safe. At the same time, they want appliances that offer the highest level of convenience and efficiency. At Panasonic, we strive to deliver on these expectations of our customers with home appliances that provide groundbreaking solutions through our technological advances,” said Mr. Masatoshi Sasaki, PMPC president.

“The newly unveiled Panasonic washer dryer series is highly engineered to deliver ultimate hygienic wash performance and incorporates smart sensing technology that provides efficiency and optimizes energy consumption. Together, these features ensure pristine laundry that saves on time, water, and energy used,” added Mr. Sasaki.

Ultimate hygienic wash performance

The new front load FX1 washer dryer series, built on Panasonic’s pioneering technological innovation, features Care+ Hygiene Expert that provides ultimate hygienic cleaning that is relentless on germs and stains while being gentle on fabric and delicate clothes. It features Panasonic’s proprietary Blue Ag+*1 technology that combines the power of ultraviolet (UV) light with silver (Ag) ions to eliminate 99.99%*10 bacteria, even in cold wash cycles. During the rinsing cycle that incorporates Ag ionized water, the Ag ions attach themselves to the fibers of the garments to provide clothes with antibacterial*2 protection.

Panasonic’s Next-gen Intelligent Front Load Series with Hygiene and Smart-sensing Technology

Blue Ag+ and UV light work together for effective and powerful bacteria elimination

On top of that, Panasonic’s StainMaster+ technology goes deep into the fibers of the clothes to remove multiple stubborn stains, bacteria, and allergens with a combination of scrub wash effect and ideal water temperature. Using high-temperature water at 60°C to 90°C*3, the Allergy course removes allergens for extra hygiene. At a temperature of just 60°C*4, up to 99.99% of bacteria can be eliminated. There is no longer the need to perform any pre-wash care or prior handwash of the stained clothes before running it in the washer, thereby saving precious time.

Panasonic’s Next-gen Intelligent Front Load Series with Hygiene and Smart-sensing Technology

StainMaster+ easily removes stubborn stains with a combination of fine foam and ideal water temperature

This allergen removing capability is certified by Allergy UK*5 which is a seal of approval given to products that have proven to suppress or remove high levels of allergens. The washer dryer also features the Active Foam System technology that produces fine foam to lift away stains easily.

The pre-set courses available that cater to today’s challenges of intensive removal of mud, oily and collar stains, as well as allergy care, takes the guesswork out of manually configuring the preferred wash courses. Users just need to select a course and let the appliance take care of everything, from washing to drying. 

To ensure that the washer dryer appliance is kept clean and hygienic, the AutoTub Care*6 function cleans the washing machine tub automatically to prevent residue from detergents that can cause the growth of black mold and foul odor.

Smart sensing technology ensures maximum efficiency and energy optimization

Thanks to Panasonic’s state-of-the-art technology and intelligent engineering, the smart sensing technology 3Di inverter provides smart wash options with the combination of four high tech sensors and the Inverter motor. This feature intelligently detects the conditions of washing including laundry load, water level, water temperature, and drum vibration, and adjusts automatically according to the laundry needs.

For instance, if there is a small load of laundry, the machine can detect the load size and adjust the water level accordingly, thereby using less water. The water temperature sensor can intelligently balance the right temperature to efficiently dissolve detergent while the drum vibration sensor can detect the laundry condition to control the drum rotation speed to ensure adequate tumbling action.

Together, the four smart 3Di inverter*7 sensors work to determine the optimal washing time, temperature, and amount of water, thereby ensuring efficient energy consumption that translates to better savings - both on energy and on time.

According to tests done, the 3Di inverter Smart Wash saves up to 71%*8 on energy usage, 41%*9 on water consumption, and cuts down on time by 40%*9. This 3Di inverter feature helps in allowing consumers to conserve energy and save time, which results in 8%*9 higher washing performance.

Panasonic’s Next-gen Intelligent Front Load Series with Hygiene and Smart-sensing Technology

Smart sensing 3Di inverter to maximize wash performance and optimize energy and time consumption

The Panasonic FX1 series washer dryer also delivers on efficiency. The washer provides an Active Speed Wash option that gives a fast and clean wash in just 38 minutes when using half a load on the Active Speed cycle.

Providing convenience, efficiency, and style for busy households

The combined dryer option enhances the wash-and-dry convenience of busy households and streamlines household chores. Users no longer need to worry about keeping watch of time to transfer their completed wet wash into a separate dryer once the wash cycle is complete or leave it to the vagaries of the weather if they dry their clothes outside in the sun. It means giving families more time to spend on more important things.

The Panasonic front load washer dryer also come with a wide door inlet that makes it easy to load and unload large laundry items such as bed sheets and comforters. The larger drum even spreads out laundry to finish drying clothes with less wrinkling. The minimalist design with a flat door also brings style to any laundry space in the house. The big, easy-to-see display ensures easy, intuitive control operations.

This new laundry Care+ Hygiene series comes in two variants which are the front load washer dryer combo series (FX1 and FG1 models), with different capacities and choices of colors as below. Different variations of the features apply to the different models.


• Panasonic front load washer dryer series is built with ultimate hygiene and smart-sensing technology for clean and efficient laundry care
• Intelligent washer dryer featuring Care+ Hygiene Expert that provides superior cleaning performance in removing dirt and stains, and eliminating germs and bacteria while being gentle on fabric
• Blue Ag+ technology combines the power of ultraviolet (UV) light with silver (Ag) ions to eradicate 99.99%*10 of bacteria with the cold wash cycle
StainMaster+ technology, which is certified by Allergy UK*5, helps protect babies from allergy factors like pollens and dust mites, effortlessly washing away stubborn stains, bacteria, and allergens by using hot water (up to 90ºC) 
Active Foam System creates fine, high-density foam that lifts, separates, and removes dirt and stains easily from deep within fibers
Auto Tub Care*6 function suppresses mold growth inside and outside of the tub
Smart sensing technology 3Di inverter intelligently detects laundry load, water level, water temperature, and drum vibration for better washing performance and energy optimization
Active Speed Wash*11 provides convenience with a speedy 38-minutes wash 

Product Name

Panasonic Front Load Washer Dryer




Panasonic Front Load Washer Dryer

Panasonic Front Load Washer Dryer

Washing Capacity

10 kg

9 kg

Drying Capacity

6 kga

6 kga

Spin Speed

1400 rpm

1400 rpm

Body Color




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*11: Half load using the Active Speed cycle

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