What We Offer

Discover what Panasonic offers you: career, work towards enriching tomorrow, learning, reward & recognition and work environment.

Career Career


At Panasonic we believe in helping you to get your career to where you want it to be. Panasonic believes its success is dependent on its highly skilled, experienced and engaged employees who enthusiastically grow through a variety of challenging development opportunities. Our wholistic approach to development ensures that there is space and support for growth through our strong feedback culture, experiential growth opportunities, training and career development initiatives. We strongly encourage you to embrace a real blend of opportunities to grow and develop throughout your journey at Panasonic.

Work Towards a Better World Work Towards a Better World

Work towards enriching tomorrow

For over 100 years, Panasonic has been committed to enhancing the well-being of people, communities and society. Our technologies and solutions have been developed with one aim in mind: to make life better – simpler, healthier, safer, more enjoyable, and more sustainable. Since the Company was founded in 1918, our Basic Business Philosophy has helped us to determine our objectives, our approach to the market and  has formed the foundation of all our business activities.

Learning Learning


At Panasonic we differentiate our organisation through our people as well as our products; we support you to be the best you can be through training and development.
We offer a wide variety of workshops covering not only business and leadership skills but our management philosophy & culture. Alongside these workshops we have our Talent Programs; "Women in Leadership" which is strategically important to surface female leadership talent and the "Next Generation Talent Programme" aimed at our emerging talent population to help shape  leaders of tomorrow.

Reward and Recognition Reward and Recognition

Reward and Recognition

Panasonic encourages mobility and international working experience. We provide state of the art technology that enables employees to work remotely. We offer a competitive salary and benefits package based on market analysis. We encourage and support our people managers to lead by example and to create an inclusive environment where people are treated with respect and get recognized for what they do.

Work Environment Work Environment

Work Environment

At Panasonic you are encouraged to tackle challenging tasks by working collaboratively to achieve great results. We value collective wisdom and praise team effort. Excellence can only be achieved by open and constructive communication, which we strengthen with regular staff meetings and round tables. We also conduct employee opinion surveys with constructive follow up on their results.