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Wall-mounted X-Premium Inverter

Wall-mounted X-Premium Inverter

The Wall-mounted X-Premium Inverter offers Wi-Fi Control and 24 hour nanoe™ X protection. The maintenance-free titanium nanoe™ X generator helps you inhibit novel coronaviruses around the clock. Furthermore, with the built-in Wi-Fi and Comfort Cloud App, you can control the air conditioning units anytime, anywhere.

  • nanoe™ X
  • Comfort Cloud App (Built-in Wi-Fi)
  • nanoe G
Wall-mounted X-Premium Inverter











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Stay Safe Indoor with nanoe™ X Air Protection

24-hour nanoe™ X Protection

Get 24 hrs Quality Air for you and your loved ones by turning nanoe™ X on using Panasonic Comfort Cloud anywhere, anytime. nanoe™ X functions in both cooling and fan modes and is maintenance-free, helping you keep your costs down with cleaner air.

For further details about nanoe™ X technology, click the following LEARN MORE button and visit our nanoe site.

24-hour nanoe™ X Protection

nanoe™ X is Effective in Inhibiting
Novel Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2)

A global contract research organization Texcell has verified the inhibitory effect of the nanoe™ X technology, with known benefits of hydroxyl radicals on the novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2). Over 91% of novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) activity was inhibited within 8 hours in a 6.7m³ test space.

Notes: (1) The virus infectious titer was measured and used to calculate the inhibition rate. (2) This verification was designed to generate basic research data on the effects of nanoe™ X on the novel coronavirus in laboratory conditions. Actual effects will vary depending on the environment and usage of the product.

nanoe™ X is Effective in Inhibiting Novel Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2)

Manage at Ease Using Panasonic Comfort Cloud

Stay Connected and in Control Anywhere, Anytime

With the built-in Wi-Fi and Panasonic Comfort Cloud App, you can simultaneously monitor and control single and multiple air conditioners at one or more locations* anytime, anywhere from one mobile device. By assigning additional users, each family member can control the selected air conditioners from anywhere at home or away.

*Connect up to 200 units with just one device (10 different groups, with 20 units per group)

Stay Connected and in Control Anywhere, Anytime

Voice control works with Hey Google

Link the Panasonic Comfort Cloud App to the Google Home app so you can operate your air conditioner using just your voice with a Google Assistant-enabled device. Great for times when you need hands-free help.

*Google, Android, Google Play and Google Home are trademarks of Google LLC.
*Google Assistant is not available in certain languages and countries.
*Availability and performance of certain features, services and applications are device and network-dependent and may not be available in all countries/regions; subscription(s) may be required, and additional terms, conditions and/or changes may apply.

Voice control works with Hey Google

15 Meter Long Air Distance with The Improved New AEROWINGS

Longer and Increased Airflow

The new AEROWINGS provides longer airflow up to 15 meters with increased airflow by 10% and air speed by 20%*.

*Compared to previous PREMIUM model [1.5HP]

Longer and Increased Airflow

Fast and Comfort Cooling

Evolving to provide fast and cooling comfort, the New AEROWINGS incorporates two independently controlled flaps to cool the room in the shortest time possible with a bigger cross flow fan [105mm] and flap [103mm], improving the ability to lift air speed efficiently.

1. 2 Independent Motors
Control the Sub-Flap and Bigger Outer Flap separately.
2. Sub-Flap
Compresses and concentrates cool air.
3. Bigger Outer Flap [103mm]
Helps to deliver airflow further.
4. Bigger Cross Flow Fan [105mm]

Fast and Comfort Cooling

Efficient Airflow with New AEROWINGS

Fast Cooling

Fast Cooling

AEROWINGS twin flaps direct concentrated airflow downwards to cool you rapidly.

Shower Cooling

Shower Cooling

Shower airflow spreads fast, cool and concentrated air across room and to the wall, then showers down gently.

Dust Removal with nanoe-G

Effective in removing 99% of dust particles

Effective in removing 99% of dust particles* , nanoe-G negative ions capture dust particles as small as PM 2.5, carrying them back to the filter to provide a cleaner living space.

*Testing organisation: FCG Research Institute, Inc. Testing method: nanoe-G-equipped air conditioner was operated and tested in a 23m³-sized test room. Test result: Removed 99% of particles in 202 minutes (compared to the initial concentration). (25034) Not a result of experiments in an actual use environment. Results may vary based on usage, and seasonal and environmental variables (temperature and humidity).

Effective in removing 99% of dust particles

Fits Perfectly Anywhere

Panasonic air conditioners are designed to be compact enough to fit easily in tight, narrow spaces such as close to ceilings, close to corner walls, and above doors and windows. The uniquely designed structure makes installation and maintenance easy.

Fits Perfectly Anywhere

Comfortable Sleep with Quiet Mode

Enjoy the comfort of running your air conditioner at night for a relaxing sleep.

Comfortable Sleep with Quiet Mode

Compact and Lightweight
Design to Fit Every Building Type

The multi-split system offers greater installation versatility and space-saving choices for condominiums with limited free space.

Compact and Lightweight Design to Fit Every Building Type

Outdoor Unit Connects to Each Indoor Unit Independently

The outdoor unit connects to each indoor unit independently. Operational settings for each indoor unit can be adjusted separately. If one indoor unit malfunctions, other indoor units can continue to operate, provide cooling comfort to the space.

Outdoor Unit Connects to Each Indoor Unit Independently

Benefits of Inverter Technology

The energy-saving capabilities of the inverter offer a variety of comfort benefits, including fast cooling, constant retention of a set temperature, a wider range of power, and reduced noise.

Benefits of Inverter Technology


The condenser features Panasonic’s Blue Fin technology, which offers enhanced corrosion resistance compared to non-Blue Fin models.

Anti-corrosion/Blue Fin Condenser

Why Panasonic

Air Conditioning Expertise

Since the introduction of our first window type air conditioner in 1958, Panasonic Air Conditioning has grown to become a globally recognised and celebrated brand, delivering unmatched quality and reliability.

Total Air Solutions

With over 300 products, Panasonic has a product or solution for every application. From residential applications to large scale commercial, we endeavour to provide fully customisable total air solutions for any and all applications.

Quality & Reliability

Panasonic air conditioners are manufactured to ensure years of reliable comfort. With a 5-year warranty encompassing both residential and commercial applications, you can rest easy with Panasonic.


Panasonic provides control solutions to satisfy all residential and commercial needs. Our range of controllers demonstrate flexibility in application, providing you with a comprehensive solution to any system need.

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