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Peculiar butcher shop smells disappears, making the inside of our shop a cleaner space

Our shop is dedicated to always serving quality meats and considers itself to be "a slightly luxury butcher". We also serve food such as croquettes. In addition to food hygiene, we are particular about hygiene and comfort in our shop. However, smells from meat processing sometimes linger throughout the shop. For that reason, we decided to start using the ziainoTM about six months ago. Its deodorizing effects appeared immediately after we started using it and we have now completely forgotten about the previous odors. We use the ziainoTM by just moving it somewhere we sense an odor, such as in our processing plant or shop. Even when we continue working after the shop has closed at night, we are able to welcome customers with refreshing air the next morning, something which is helpful.
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No. of units installed: 1 unit
Prefecture: Wakayama
Operator: Matsugyu Co., Ltd.

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