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Various cleaning tools such as brushes and sprays: image of How to use

How to use


An image of the ziaino® control panel

Air volume adjustment function

Choose from 3 levels of air volume to shorten the time of deodourising.

Automated salt tablet dispensing makes
daily maintenance much easier.

An image of ziaino® with the front cover open

1. Fill the supply tank with water

■Be sure to use drinkable tap water
Do not use the following: 

・Hot water over 40℃ or water with detergent
・Water containing chemicals, air fresheners, aromatic oils, etc.
・Water from water purifiers, alkaline ionized water, or mineral water
・Well water

Instructional image: Filling the water tank

2. Drain the water from the drain tank

■Drain the water while running tap water.

Instructional image: Draining the drainage tank

3. Fill the automatic salt unit with salt tablets

■Do this once for the first time and you will not need to do it for about 6 months.

Instructional image: Inserting the salt tablet into the tray slot

4. Set the power button to “On”

Instructional image: Turn on the power button

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