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An image of a waiter setting up a round table and table settings in a restaurant:image of restaurant

Removing odours from lunch session before dinner session begins

We’re able to remove odours from lunch session quickly to welcome customers for dinner session with a refreshing space. Furthermore, the simple shape doesn’t interfere with the Japanese/modern scenery. 

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An image of ziaino® installed at Arkbell Group Imatsu

Arkbell Group Imatsu

Case study

Arkbell Group Imatsu

An image of ziaino® installed at Matsugyu


Umi Hachikyo

How does ziaino® purify air?

Inhibits airborne bacteria and viruses in restaurant

An illustration of men and women dining around a table in a clean restaurant with ziaino® installed
A bar graph measuring changes in airborne bacterial counts

[Test institution] Kitasato Research Center for Environmental Science [Testing method] Measuring changes in the number of airborne bacteria in a 11.6m² test space [Test subject]Airborne bacteria (Staphylococcus aureus) [Test result]99% inhibition confirmed after 20 minutes [Report No.] Kitaseihatsu2016_0436

Inhibits adhered bacteria and viruses

An illustration of bacteria and viruses adhering to a switch
A bar graph measuring changes in adherent bacteria counts

[Test institution] Kitasato Research Center for Environmental Science [Testing method]Measuring changes in the number of adhered bacteria in 11.6m² [Test subject]Adhered bacteria (Staphylococcus aureus) [Test result] 99% inhibition confirmed after 3 hours [Report No.] Kitaseihatsu2016_0365


Quickly deodorises drifting odours in order to create a comfortable environment in restaurant

An illustration of a clean-air bathroom with ziaino® installed
A line graph measuring changes in odor intensity

[Test institution] Environmental Control Center Co.,Ltd. [Testing method] Verification by the Odour Intensity Calculation Method [Test subject] Airborne mixed odour [Test result] Odour intensity reduced to 1.5 after about 120 minutes in a 9.7m² test space [Report No.] H07019001DA

How it works ?

1st: An image of ziaino® taking in dirty air from the side

Intakes dirty air from the sides.

2nd: An image of ziaino® deodorizing dirty air through the anti-bactericidal filter

Inhibits pollutant and deodourises the dirty air with an anti-bactericidal filter permeated with Aqua ziaino®.

3rd: An image of ziaino® releasing clean air

Clean air released with vaporized Aqua ziaino®.

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