Ebi Fry

Healthy Japanese Fried Shrimp

Japanese  Fried Shrimp

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Japanese people love eating Ebi Fry, also known as deep fried prawns. Ebi Fry can be easily found in any Japanese’s lunchbox. They have this mindset that it is not a Japanese cuisine and get surprised when they can’t find it abroad.

Enjoy Oil-Free Deep Frying with a Panasonic Oven!

Using a steam convection oven is a healthier alternative to deep fry food. You can now prepare food which tastes fried without using lots of oil, and it's hassle free without the discomfort of standing inside a hot kitchen and the risk of oil burns.

It is not fried in oil, so compared with usual Ebi Fry dishes: 1 serving (3 prawns)


This Oven Lets You Do Oil-Free Deep Frying!


Ingredients (for 1 serving)

  • Prawn (with shell) :3
  • Low-gluten flour :as needed
  • Egg:1
  • Bread crumbs:8g
  • Oil:1/2 tsp
  • Salt:as desired

How to cook

1 Shell and devein prawns. Only leave the shell on tails and the first body sections. Cut the abdominal tendons 4 times (to prevent prawns from rolling up), and add salt.

2 Stir bread crumbs and oil in a bowl. Coat prawns with low-gluten flour, beaten egg and bread crumbs. Then place them on a baking sheet on the steam bake tray.

3 Select Auto Menus "NO. 15: Fried Prawns", and press "Start" to preheat. After preheating, place the tray in the lower shelf position and press "Start".

*You may use other devices with these recipes. The ingredients change depending on what you use.


Delicious Oil-Free Deep Frying is also possible with other ingredients, such as white fish or chicken. Try whatever suits your taste.

Best complement with Tartar sauce


It's easy to make tartar sauce with this food processor. Put onions, boiled eggs, mayonnaise, and parsley into the food processor, and press "Continuous Mode" until blend well.

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