Matcha Cake

Green Tea Cake

Matcha Cake

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Since it does not require butter to bake a healthy Matcha cake, the most favorite pastry during a home party, cooking with a rice cooker has quickly become a trend among Japanese career women.

Make Desserts for Weight Conscious People with a Panasonic Rice Cooker!

One can say that the rice cooker is the best thing that ever happened to busy people. Cooking with a rice cooker is the talk of the town, especially since it doesn‘t usually use oil. This is why people bake cakes, boil soup, and cook steamed food using a rice cooker.

No butter is used, so compared with butter cake: 1 serving (100 g)


This Rice Cooker Also Bakes!


Ingredients (for 6 serving)

  • Pancake mix:300 g
  • Egg:2
  • Milk:150 ml
  • Matcha powder:10 g
    (Green tea powder)

How to cook

1 Mix eggs, milk, pancake mix, and Matcha powder into the rice cooker.

*If you want to reduce dishes to wash, mix them straight in the rice cooker’s bowl.

2 Select "Cake" and press "Start". Cook for 50 minutes. When done, take the cake out of the rice cooker.

3 Let the cake cool completely on a wire rack. Decorate as desired, slice and serve.

*You may use other devices with these recipes. The ingredients change depending on what you use.


You can also make Chocolate Cake instead of Matcha Cake by using cocoa powder instead of matcha powder.

Best complement with whipped cream


Using this food processor makes it easy to whip cream.

1 Put 150 g of fresh cream and 15 g of sugar into the food processor

2 Press "Continuous Mode" for 40 seconds with the "Whipping Blade".

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