1 Week Beautiful Hair Styling 1 Week Beautiful Hair Styling

1 Week Beautiful Hair Styling

Achieve daily beauty, even in the busiest mornings with these easy hair styling tips!

Stuck in the same boring "hairstyle" makes life dull. Every morning, a slight quick change of the hairstyle will ignite enthusiasm for the day and help you to handle different occasions perfectly. You can always be the confident, stunning, modern woman you want to be.

MONDAY -Pony Tail

Early Monday Morning Meeting

A scheduled meeting on every Monday morning with a pony tail fills my Monday with sunshine! The fresh and clean look not only makes me look energetic, but also prepares me to overcome the whole week's heavy workload.

Key Item

This hairstyling point is "tight curling“ my fringe to make my face more gorgeous.
(Using the Panasonic EH-HV20)

How to Make

1.Lightly curl the hair with a hair iron.
2. Leaving the bangs, comb through the hair with your fingers, then roughly gather it and tie it at the level just below the ears.
3. Pinch and gently pull the hair at the top of your head upward to add volume.
>A Tip for Making Volume
4. Finely curl the bangs with a hair iron.
>A Tip for Curling

TUESDAY - Twist Bangs

It's Time to Leave for a Business Trip!

When I have to set out for a business trip on Tuesday morning to the branch office that's two hours flight away, a twist bang will save me a lot of time. The fixed bang will not bother my work on the plane, while the professional and genial look will definitely help me to leave a good impression to my colleagues in the branch office.

Key Item

A scarf is a necessity on an airplane to avoid from getting cold.

How to Make

1. Make a bundle of your bangs and twist it several times outward.
2. Add hair from below the original twists, then twist them together.
3. Use bobby pins to fix the twisted bangs together with the hair at the desired position.
>Tips for Using Bobby Pins
4. Fix the hair along the twisted portion with bobby pins to conceal the bobby pins in step 3.

WEDNESDAY - Beautiful Wave

Wave on a Wednesday Lunch Out

It's Wednesday. I need some special treats to cheer myself up. A fancy lunch at that newly-opened restaurant near the office is a great choice. Curling my hair into beautiful waves and matching it with a decent one-piece.

Key Item

This hair iron is my favorite because it's easy to create various curl sizes. 
(Using the Panasonic EH-HT40)

How to Make

1. After a thorough combing, use the comb handle to part the hair in a zig-zag.
>A Tip for Parting the Hair
2. Blocking the hair vertically bordering on the ears, use a hair iron to curl a small amount of hair at a time.

THURSDAY - Partial Up-do

Presentably Beautiful on an Important Presentation

Thursday is the time to make a pitch to a difficult client. I will tie my hair half-up, make myself a mature but not too aggressive hair style to win the client's trust. With the charming professional look and my confident performance, no matter how hard the case is, I will nail it successfully.

Key Item

I often use pink lipstick, but today is time for a rosy red!

How to Make

1. Backcomb the hair to add volume to the top.
>A Tip for Making Volume
2. Leaving the bangs, gather the hair around the left and right temples, twist it toward the back of the head, and fix it with an elastic band.
3. Holding the band with your hand so it doesn't loosen, pull the twisted portion a little at a time to add volume.
4. Take a part of the gathered hair, wrap it to conceal the elastic band, and fix it with a bobby pin.
>A Tip for Using Bobby Pins

FRIDAY - Braided Hair

Work's Almost Done, but You've Got that Hair to Don!

TGIF! After a whole week of hard work, it is time to have a relaxing drinking party with colleagues after work. So I made a cute braid just for this occasion. With a pretty and comfortable look, the pressure of the last working day will subside.

Key Item

I like citrus fragrances because they don't interrupt the aroma of a good dinner.

How to Make

1. Gather the hair from behind the ears, then fix it in two places: at ear height and at the base of the neck.
2. Divide each of the bundles into two and pass the tips of the hair through the parted portions.
3. Gently braid the remainder of the hair left and right. Loosening the braid slightly adds volume.
>A Tip for Braiding
4. Pin the lower curled part into the left-and-right braid that you made in step 1.
>A Tip for Using Bobby Pins

WEEKEND - Gibson Tuck

My Best Friend's Wedding

Attending my best friend's wedding this weekend? All I need is a romantic braided hair style for the occasion. It will also be a perfect fit for all my dresses. The fully pull-up hair style emphasizes my beautiful long neck and makes me look elegant and decent without usurping the bride's limelight.

Key Item

This gorgeous pearl necklace spices up my chic navy blue dress.

How to Make

1. Leaving the hair in front of the ears alone, gather the hair at the level just below the ears.
2. After softly loosening an elastic band, twist the bundled hair, then insert the entire bundle into the space between the band and the base of the hair. When the elastic band is inserted together to the inside, the hair can be attractively folded.
3. Use the remainder of the hair to make a braid, then curl and pin the base of the hair from step 2.
>A Tip for Braiding
>A Tip for Using Bobby Pins

Two Styles in This One

Easily Create Large Curls and Volume