Stylist's 6 Tips for Hair Styling

Even if you find the ideal image for your hair, when you actually style it yourself, you're likely to see slight differences. These tips from a styling pro can help you achieve the professional styled look.



Using the handle of the comb, move in a zig-zag pattern from your hairline to the center of the top of your head. You can easily add volume to your hairstyle.

2. Adding Volume

Put some of your hair together and brush it moving from the tip toward the roots. This backcombing can maintain your hairstyle longer even when using only wax or hairspray.


3. Curling

Section off your dried hair, take a small amount of hair, and clamp it between the plates. Gently pull the strand taut, flip your hair, and slowly run it down to create curly hair with a straightener.

4. Braiding

An easy way to create beautifully braided hair is to curl your hair more loosely if you have straight hair.


5. Pinning

To hold your hair, use the waved part of a bobby pin along the surface of your head.

6. Make It Casual

You can add more volume to your hair by pulling out small strands of your ponytail from the base.

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