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Snowskin Mooncake with Pumpkin and Purple Sweet Potato

Snowskin Mooncake with Pumpkin and Purple Sweet Potato

This dish preserves the original nutrient content of purple potato and pumpkin,
both of which are highly beneficial to our health.

Snowskin Mooncake with Pumpkin and Purple Sweet Potato main image
Cooking Time2 hours246kcal per serving


  • 30gCondensed Milk
  • 30gWheat Starch
  • 50gRice Flour
  • 50gIcing Sugar
  • 50gGlutinous Rice Flour
  • 50gCooked Glutinous Rice Flour
  • 230mlWhole Milk
  • 30gCorn Oil
  • 30gPurple Sweet Potato Powder
  • 30gPumpkin Powder
  • 480gAzuki Been Paste
  • 100gPurple Sweer Potato
  • 100gSweet Potato
  • 100gPumpkin



Cut the sweet potato, purple sweet potato and pumpkin into 2 cm pieces, and soak them in water.


Pour glutinous rice flour, rice flour, wheat starch and powdered sugar into a large bowl, add some milk, and then whisk the mixture until you spot no caking.


Add purple sweet potato powder or pumpkin powder, condensed milk and corn oil, and whisk it with the eggbeater along the edge until they are well mixed.


Pour the batter into a large shallow bowl, then cover it with cling film. Prick some holes in the cling film with a knife. Put the chopped ingredients together in the steam oven. Set to 190 °C under the Healthy Steam mode, and then steam it for 25 mins.


Take out the bowl and remove the cling film, then use chopsticks to mash the dough for even heat dissipation.


5 mins later, put on gloves and knead the dough with oil.


Divide the azuki bean paste filling into small 20g pieces of doughs, encase the pieces of sweet potatoes, purple potatoes, pumpkin pieces respectively inside those doughs and then make them round.


Place small portion of flour dough on your hand and press it, then knead the dough with your thumb to make it cup-shaped with a thick centre and thin sides. Next, put in the azuki bean paste filling prepared in the previous step and close the mouth.


Sprinkle a handful of cooked glutinous rice flour on the dough. Align the smooth side of the dough with the mould, and then put the dough in it. Then place the mould with dough inside on the table and press gently to unmould.