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Keeps meat and fish delicious and hygienic

Blue Ag inside Panasonic refrigerator

Keeps meat and fish delicious and hygienic

What’s Blue Ag?

Blue Ag is a unique hygiene technology from Panasonic. It strongly suppresses the growth of bacteria by combining the excellent antibacterial properties of silver ions with blue LED light. When it is used in combination with Prime Fresh, which freezes food at -3°C while retaining its delicious qualities, it significantly eliminates bacteria in the Prime Fresh case and preserves food hygienically.

Image of Panasonic’s Blue Ag feature that combines antibacterial property of Ag ions with blue LED light
Image showing bacteria being suppressed by Blue Ag

Blue LED light maximises the effects of the Blue Ag filter.

When the blue LED light shines on the Blue Ag filter mounted in the Prime Fresh Case, powerful hydroxyl radicals are generated by photocatalytic action. Hydroxyl radicals work in the Prime Fresh Case, and they suppress the growth of bacteria. When Blue Ag is used in combination with Prime Fresh, the hydroxyl radicals significantly eliminate bacteria in the case and preserve food hygienically.

Protects ingredients from bacteria

The Prime Fresh case with the Blue Ag installed suppresses the growth of bacteria by 99.99%*¹. Ingredients such as raw fish and meat, which are particularly prone to the destructive effects of bacteria, can be safely stored in a refrigerator at home. It is safe for families with children and with elderly members who have weak immune systems.

A boy and a girl eating food kept clean and safe to eat with Panasonic Blue Ag
Foods bought from markets are kept safe and clean when stored in a refrigerator with Blue Ag.

Safely store food bought at markets

Many wet markets have strict hygiene standards to ensure food safety.
Even so, on hot days or when you buy various types of seafood at once, bacteria may grow without your awareness. The best way to avoid this is to put fish and meat you bought into the Prime Fresh compartment and store them in a slightly frozen state as soon as you get home. Hint to keep food more fresh: Wipe off the dampness and wrap items separately before putting them in the case.

Speed is also important to prevent the growth of bacteria.

Rapid bacterial growth is one of the reasons why it is good to freeze food quickly; this helps prevent food poisoning. Many bacteria that causes food poisoning multiply within a certain span of time or at a certain rate, such as 2 times in 20 minutes, 4 times in 40 minutes, 8 times in 60 minutes, etc., so in just a few hours they can attain a total of 100,000 bacteria.
Furthermore, the temperature level also greatly affects this rate of growth. 20°C to 45°C is a dangerous temperature range because bacteria grows most easily within this range. ”Rapid cooking, rapid refrigeration / frozen storage“ are the ironclad rules for food safety. You can also use a cooler bag, if it takes a long time to get home after shopping and you can’t put things in the refrigerator right away.

An image showing the safety conditions of foods for different levels of temperature.

*1: Certified by SLG (Suedsachsen Wasser GmbH), a Third-Party German Testing Authority
23 Patents were applied (ex. Application No. 2007-118692) Tested by Suedsachsen Wasser GmbH, Germany, Testing method: ISO 22196: 2007

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