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Wireless Speaker System SC-ALL2

Price (RRP)$ 379.00


A Compact Multi-room Speaker with Stunning Sound Quality

A compact, stylish, multi-room audio system with Qualcom® AllPlay™ delivers multi-room music subscription services and Internet Radio. Various functions, such as a one-touch preset button and music alarm, are included.


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With its stylish design, clock radio and powerful speakers, the ALL2 perfectly combines convenience with sound quality.
You can use the ALL2 by itself or combine 2 for stereo pairing. Two All2 s can also be used as wireless rear speakers for the ALL70T Soundbar to create true surround sound systems. Furthermore, six one-touch buttons on its top can be customised for accessing favourite music sources and Internet radio stations.

Simple to Control, Simple to Setup, Multi-Room Solution

ALL Connected Audio

With the ALL Series family of speakers, you can finally set your music free. Their state-of-the-art wireless multi-room streaming technology means you can effortlessly enjoy your favourite songs all over your home from a wide variety of sources – including CDs, radio, and online music services.

*The availability of subscription services and Internet radio may vary by country.

Great Sound Anywhere in the House

Enjoy pristine music in every room

Premium Bluetooth® technology lets you stream music from a wide range of sources all around your home - including songs from YouTube mix lists.

Get Connected in Seconds

Easy Wi-Fi Setup

If your Wi-Fi router supports WPS, you can literally set up a wireless ALL Series multi-room speaker system at the press of a button. Even if your router doesn’t support WPS, setting up an ALL Series network is no more complicated than inputting your router’s password.

Clear Vocal and Natural Sound

80mm Full-Range Speaker and Long Stroke Woofer

The ALL2 houses an 80mm full-range speaker, with a long-range design to keep it compact while still producing the bass sound of a much larger speaker. This design also provides crisp, clear sound in the medium and high frequency ranges.

One-Touch Playback

Six Personalised Buttons

Register up to six of your favourite internet radio programs or other music services to the new personalised buttons for instant and effortless one-touch access.

Compact, Sophisticated Design

Compact, Sophisticated Design

The ALL2 Design

Every aspect of the ALL2’s design matters. A touch sensor is used to create a clean form free from wear and tear, for instance. Its silver ring and cloth net features help it match the designs of the ALL70T and ALL5CD too, while its clock display is perfectly suited to bedroom or kitchen use. In other words, ALL2 speakers will look great wherever you decide to put them.


Wireless Speaker System SC-ALL2
Enjoy Online Music Services
Spotify/ TuneIn/ Napster & More
Easy-to-Use Design
One Touch Access to Your Favorite Music
ALL Connected Audio
Multi-Zone/ Party Mode, Stereo Paring

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Owner’s Manuals
Operating Instructions
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ALL2 Wireless Speaker System Set Up Instruction
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