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Reduce Food Waste with Marion Grasby

Reduce Food Waste with Marion Grasby
Reduce Food Waste with Marion Grasby

As a mother who loves cooking for my family, here are some of the tips and tricks that I have learned to help me
get the most out of my groceries while minimising food waste by using my fridge efficiently.

Reduce Food Waste with Marion Grasby

Keeping My Fridge Organised

One of the most overlooked waste management habits I believe everyone should adopt is
organising the fridge. It truly makes a significant difference in minimising food waste.

Organise Fridge for Lesser Waste

A well-organised fridge is an easy way to reduce food waste and save energy with fewer open-door moments. 

Create an ‘Eat First’ Section

Place items nearing their shelf life at the front where they’re easily seen to effectively help reduce food waste in our home.

Sort Items by Categories

I usually sort my essentials into sections to ensure I never miss out on any food while keeping everything fresh.

Making Food Last Longer

After using and learning about my fridge's capabilities and technology, I discovered that it is more
capable than I thought, as it effectively helps me minimise food waste by storing food properly.

Softly Freeze Proteins for Extended Freshness

Keeping my proteins in a soft, frozen state not only extends their freshness but also simplifies meal prep, making cooking for gatherings quicker and more straightforward.

Preserve Leftovers for Another Meal

When there are leftovers, I use the fast-freezing feature to preserve the food's freshness and flavours. This way, I can use them the next day to prepare my family's favourite dishes.

Make Cooking Greener and Healthier

By adopting these simple habits, I am able to enhance my kitchen experience while also making a positive contribution to the environment.
Let's start making mindful choices in reducing food waste and energy consumption to cherish our planet and food together.

Make Cooking Greener and Healthier

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Reduce Food Waste with Marion Grasby