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360° Quick Iron

* 360° multi-directional action for faster ironing
* Double-headed Alumite scratch-resistant soleplate
* Vertical steam, power shot and quick mist with anti-drip features
* Three-way auto shut off for the ultimate in safety
* Convenient self-cleaning features



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A multi-directional design and durable Alumite soleplate takes the effort out of ironing

The innovative Panasonic 360° Quick iron proves that not all power tools belong in the workshop. This unconventional multi-directional iron is revolutionising that most hated of household chores by combining a forward-thinking shape with powerful steam features and a super strong soleplate to take the effort out of ironing.

Smooth, natural movement in any direction

Unlike any iron you have ever seen, the 360° Quick features a curved, double-point soleplate and a fatigue-reducing ergonomic design. While traditional irons may catch on fabric and actually cause more wrinkles as they slide back and forth, the multidirectional movement of the 360° Quick prevents creasing by enabling you to iron smoothly in any direction. This radical design means there is no wasted motion, greatly reducing ironing time and the energy required to keep your laundry pile under control.

Super strong soleplate prevents wear and tear

The 360° Quick soleplate is made from heavy-duty Alumite (anodised aluminium) which is also used in the construction of automobile engines, helping to prevent wear and tear of parts. The construction of the 360° Quick iron’s soleplate borrows from this principle, making it durable and scratch-resistant.

Harness the power of steam for a flawless finish

The generous surface area of the 360° Quick’s soleplate allows for 116 self-cleaning steam vents - a feature exclusive to Panasonic that helps remove the most stubborn wrinkles and creases. Four steam settings can be selected to assist with every fabric type from heavy through to delicate. A spray mist function lets you direct extra moisture where it is needed and the jet-of-steam feature can be used to release a powerful burst of steam for particularly troublesome areas. The 360° Quick iron can even be held upright to vertically steam the creases out of curtains or hanging garments. This clever iron also boasts an anti-drip capability, designed to protect delicate fabrics from water spots that may cause stains. If the temperature is too low, steam function simply shuts off to prevent water leakage.

Enjoy peace of mind with the auto shut-off feature

You’ll never again be seized by the fear that you’ve left the iron on, thanks to the 360° Quick’s three-way auto shut-off function. The mercury-free sensor automatically shuts off the iron after ten minutes if left in the upright position and after one minute if left unmoved on its soleplate or if tipped over on its side.

Self-cleaning wonder iron makes your life easier

This innovative iron has also been equipped with an anti-calcium function, preventing calcium build-up from clogging the steam holes, and ensuring the iron a longer life-span. Our steam irons are safe to use with tap water and easy to maintain with a clever three-way cleaning system to wash away lime scale deposits.

Multi-directional soleplate

Vertical steam

Self-cleaning system

Anti-drip feature


360° multi-directional action for faster ironing
Double-headed Alumite scratch-resistant soleplate
Vertical steam, power shot and quick mist with anti-drip features



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