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LUMIX GH4 SPECIAL GALLERY Takeshi Fukazawa -The Blessings of Kuroshio Current


Takeshi Fukazawa -The Blessings of Kuroshio Current


Born in 1974, Takeshi Fukazawa started photographing landscapes during his college years attending Tokyo University of Science. Now he is based in ShinshuNorthern Alps and expanding his career by shooting native flora and fauna together with landscapes in YaeyamaIsland Chain, Okinawa, Japan. He has written a lot of reference book on photography while holding exhibitions at major galleries. -Member of Japan Professional Photographers Society

“I fully enjoyed the blue ocean that Yaeyamais famous for and the dynamic lights in the morning and evening during the spell of sunny weather. I felt the ocean showed me various colors reflected not by the strong summer sunlight but by the soft, winter sunlight. I shot wide-ranging subject from little mushrooms to the starry sky over the head utilizing the high mobility of Panasonic LUMIX GH4. Yaetamastays attractive by offering new experience and sensation whenever I visit there.”

“I was using Panasonic LUMIX GH3 and was accustomed to its operation and design, which let me set myself to GH4 with no hesitation. I feel that the color reproduction is greatly improved while high resolution and high sensitivity are well succeeded from the GH3. I was impressed by its descriptive performance when I saw the transparent color of ocean with stunning clarity. Meanwhile, the GH4 captures the fresh landscape of forests with crisp green. I like the “Scenery” setting in Photo Style that vividly reproduces the color seen with my eyes.”

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