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Micro-Foam Facial Cleanser EH-SC65

Price (RRP)$ 229.00


Versatile Micro-Foam Facial Cleanser

Get the perfect facial at home with an all-in-one beautician tool that offers micro-foam technology, brush cleansing, targeted pore care, warm makeup removal and even relaxing massage modes.


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Micro-Foam Facial Cleanser EH-SC65
Micro-Foam Action
Gentle brush & massage cleansing.
Targeted Pore Care
Silicone brush designed for pores.
Makeup Removal
Warm plate gently removes makeup.


How to Use the Micro-foaming Cleansing Device

Using an attachment that matches your skin type
combined with rich foam thoroughly cleanses your

1. Install the attachment

Select and install the attachment according to your
skin type and condition, and press until you hear a

* Cleansing accessories: roller massage attachment

and soft brush

1. Install the attachment



2. Pour in the foaming cleanser

Add foaming cleanser through the face cleanser
compartment at the back.

* Foaming face washes in such forms as cream, gel
and liquid can be used.
* Do not use self-made cleansers, facial scrub or
peeling cleanser.

3. Add water

Pour approximately 4 ml of clean water into the center
of the attachment.

4. Select the cleansing mode

Press the WASH button and select the speed.
Micro-foam is generated in approx. 5 seconds.

* Power automatically turns off 1 minute after being
turned on.

4. Select the cleansing mode

5. Cleanse your face

After the foam has been generated, spread it on the
face to slowly cleanse it, then rinse off.



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