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Photo of EY7552X57 Drill Only

EY7552X57 Drill Only

Feature • New hammer block design
• Battery capacity indicator
• Rubber Protection
• Variable speed control/reversible
• Electric brake
Max. Torque (On pre-tightening high-tensile bolts.) Max working range is M18 for normal tightening 470Nm
Speed at No Load 0-1,550 rpm
Impact/min. 0-2,400 ipm
Size (LxHxW) / Weight (including battery pack) 214 mm x 252 mm x 77 mm / 2.60 kg
Battery Pack and Charging time (using EY0L82B) 8V / 4.2Ah (EY9L51B)
Usable:55min. / Full:70min.
Capacity Screwing Wood Screws in Yellow Pine: ø8 mm x 80 mm 210 pcs
Bolting Standard Tensil Bolt: M16 x 25 mm t=10 mm 300 pcs
Standard Tensil Bolt: M12 x 25 mm t=10 mm 640 pcs
High Tensil Bolt: M16 x 25 mm t=10 mm 300 pcs
High Tensil Bolt: M20 x 25 mm t=10 mm 250 pcs
High Tensil Bolt: M24 x 25 mm t=10 mm 220 pcs