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Plaza 33 Commercial Complex, Malaysia

Plaza 33 (Malaysia)

Air Conditioning System: VRF 2-Way FSV ME1 Series: 99 systems
Cooling Capacity: 3,667 kW / 1,042 USRT
Indoor Units:
High-static ducted: 153 units
Control System:
System controller: 2 systems
Schedule timer: 2 systems
Intelligent controller: 1 system (with web monitoring)

Plaza 33 is a grade-A commercial complex located in the bustling commercial district of Petaling Jaya, near central Kuala Lumpur. It comprises two blocks—Towers A and B—that contain modern, high-spec office space along with a variety of restaurants and retail establishments.
The building complex was built to meet the demanding IT, design, and power supply needs of today’s technology-powered corporations. Each floor of one of the buildings has been fitted with Panasonic VRF systems that are connected to outdoor units in a space-efficient installation design.

Words from M&E Contractor
Because each floor of the building is sold or leased separately, an air conditioning system was required that would support independent operation on different floors. The Panasonic VRF ducted unit system fitted the bill, offering high quality, cost-efficiency, low noise levels, and the assurance of a Japanese brand.
The Plaza 33 building comprises two blocks, one of which uses a Panasonic system and the other of which uses a rival system. Clients prefer the Panasonic system, as it operates with much less noise. Along with the benefit of its quiet operation, the VRF system was able to be installed without the need for additional system equipment.

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