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Toughbook Medical Rugged

* Easy to clean
* Lightweight, rugged design
* Thermal management
* Long battery life
* Security and identity management

Panasonic recommends Windows.



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The first fully rugged Mobile Clinical Assistant (MCA) for medical professionals

This very clever Toughbook is the best assistant any healthcare professional could hope for. With wireless connectivity this rugged lightweight MCA can go anywhere. It is also easy to keep clean and can be completely sanitised.

So easy to wipe and keep clean

In environments where infection and disease control are paramount, one of the most important concerns is ensuring that surfaces and equipment are sanitised. It is difficult to enforce sanitisation wiping, which is why the CF-H2 has been manufactured with an ‘easy-to-wipe’ ethos in mind. It features smooth surfaces, without projections or sudden dents, and a flat-button LCD screen. The chassis is chemical-resistant and the unit even features a cleaning reminder tool.

Light enough to carry anywhere, yet rugged enough stand up to rough treatment

The CF-H2 has been designed to be a constant companion; it is tough enough to go where you need it to and so light to carry that it won’t slow you down. The internal magnesium chassis is combined with a compact HDD pack and lightweight high-capacity battery to create a mobile PC out of the lightest of materials without compromising ruggedness.

Low surface temperature to aid this truly mobile technology

Considering that this Toughbook is going to be in constant use, efficient thermal management is of the utmost importance. The CF-H2 is fitted with a heat dissipation sheet between the main PCB and magnesium case, which creates a layer of air insulation. This achieves low surface temperature, as well as a fanless, water-resistant unit.

Long battery life for a Toughbook you can depend on

Thanks to the inclusion of low consumption integrated circuits, all of the unit’s components can be optimised for low power consumption, helped by the 3400 mAH high-capacity battery and Intel’s smallest and lowest power processer. With dual hotswappable batteries this Toughbook does not need to be powered down to change the batteries, so it can be used around the clock.

Data security and identity management have never been easier

The right people will always have access to the right data with the CF-H2. It features a fingerprint-access control reader and the ability to access data using a contactless smartcard reader. In a medical environment, you can be sure patients will receive the correct medication, as the unit is equipped with a RFID barcode reader.

Military standards: 810G, 461E and IP65


Dual Hot Swappable Batteries

Screen Brightness


Fully rugged design protects against drops, dust and water
Daylight viewable multi-touch screen and stylus
Security processor defends against hacking and data loss

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