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Panasonic AVC Networks Czech, Ltd.

Panasonic AVC Networks Czech, Ltd. (PAVCCZ) belongs to the Panasonic Corporation with headquarters in Osaka, Japan. The company PAVCCZ was established on March 13, 1996. First television 14inch (36cm) was assembled a year after, on April 1, 1997. PAVCCZ offers a wide range of products. There are LCD and PLASMA television from basic specifications 19inch (48cm) to 103inch (262cm) products which can be plugged into home network, connected to the internet or watched 3D programmes. These products are exported from Pilsen to all European countries and to Russia.

PPAVCCZ takes possession of following certificates: ISO 9001/2009, ISO 14001/2004, ISO 27001, BEAB, IQ Net, CQS

The activities of PAVCCZ are not aimed only at television production. According to basic company philosophy PAVCCZ helps non-profit institutions and charity to get better our environment and living standard for people in our region. PAVCCZ supports the specific projects which are oriented to help children, social and healthy institutions and which are ecology oriented. PAVCCZ is proud to be a part of Pilsen region and to help people its inhabitants.

Česká verze (Czech version)



History of PAVCCZ

• 3/1996 Foundation stone placed
• 4/1997 Start of production
• 5/1999 Millionth television produced
• 3/2002 Start of lead-free soldering
• 4/2004 Start of flat screen TV production
• 1/2006 End of CRT TV production
• 6/2009 Award of Eco-ideas factory
• 3/2010 Start of 3D television production