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Safety Politics

PAVCCZ was established in 1996 as a producer of top class televisions and it became one of the biggest and the most honoured factory in the Czech Republic. And that is why PAVCCZ has the goal to keep satisfaction and the trust of customers providing top class technologies, products and services.

The key factor of success is strategic localization, qualified employees and application of the newest production technologies and also the responsibility of management for safety information.

PAVCCZ considers as a main importance to secure business and personal information, also customer and supplier information or others (third parties information, information of public administration). All these information are considered as a confidential.

PAVCCZ identifies the risks related to information safety; evaluates them and after taking preventive measures these risks are controlled.

PAVCCZ monitors the level of safety information by regular audits and inspections, evaluates the effectivity of measures and the condition of safety system improves with preventive steps.

PAVCCZ offers attractive working experience for engineers, specialists and other qualified workers and try to increase the qualifications of employees by special educational programmes and trainings for safety information.

Safety politics of PAVCCZ is in accord with safety politics of CISD headquarter of Panasonic Corporation, respects legal, regulatory and contractual requirements which are binding for PAVCCZ.

To release of this document management declares the support of system control of safety information.

The safety politics is specified in Manual of Safety Information Control and all employees and the third parties are obliged to follow it. The part of the system control is Continuity Plan which describes organization in case of system failure.

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Safety politics
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