To be recognized as the most customer-focused solutions provider to the cold chain

Message from the President

The food retail industry environment has begun to change drastically since the spread of the COVID19 worldwide. Digitalization is driving the rapid expansion of online food delivery, and the networking of small warehouses, particularly in the United States, will eventually expand worldwide.

In addition, there is a need to address various issues, such as the elimination of CFCs due to increased environmental awareness and the manpower saving due to a shortage of workers. Cold Chain solutions Company will provide products and solutions that can respond to these new trends to be recognized as the most customer-focused solutions provider that solves food retailing and foodservice industry issues in the global market.

Our company aims to contribute to the improvement of food infrastructure by becoming closer to customers by further refining its particular fields, such as widely used CO2 refrigeration systems, the introduction of unique digital products such as smart showcases, and  leveraging thawing, high-temperature, and high-pressure technologies in professional kitchens in the foodservice industry.

Thank you for being our valued customer.

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Cold Chain Solutions Company
President Eiichi Katayama

Picture: Eiichi Katayama


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Eiichi Katayama


Display merchandisers, refrigeration systems, professional kitchen equipment, installation, and services for the food retailing and foodservice industries.


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