We continue to support people’s ever-changing lifestyles to create a thriving future.

We always adhere to our vision. For many years, Panasonic has enriched people’s quality of life through its products. Although the needs in people’s lives have changed over time, our vision remains the same. We believe that there are still many more ways to help people’s lives thrive. We will continue to take on the challenge to realize an even better quality of life through support and co-creation with startups.



Our diverse staff will work on co-creation with startups.

Panasonic Corporation has the longest history of any company in the group, and is engaged in the development, manufacture, and sale of electronic appliances, heating & ventilation A/C, food distribution, electrical equipment, and devices. We will provide startups with the know-how we have acquired over the years in each of our businesses and work with them on new challenges to support people’s lives.

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