Case Introduction

Pharmaceutical wholesale ( SUZUKEN Co., Ltd. )

Selected plan
Long-term rental service
Constant temperature transportation of bio pharmacy
Usage scene
Transportation to medical institutions from distribution center
User's voice
In the last mile transportation of pharmaceuticals, where the quality requirements are becoming higher and higher, VIXELL, with its high insulation performance and long cooling time, is becoming an important item to realize our high quality constant temperature transportation.

At our site, we were faced with the challenge of complicated operations due to the difference in climate between Kyushu and Hokkaido and the seasonal differences in temperature. Therefore, we had to adjust the number of cold insulators and the pre-cooling time for each season.

VIXELL's high thermal insulation performance reduces the influence of the external environment, and it has succeeded in standardizing field operations that used to differ by region and season, leading not only to more efficient operations but also to the prevention of errors, safety and security, and minimizing temperature deviations and pharmaceutical losses in transportation.

Pharmaceutical wholesalers are becoming more and more important to society every year, whether it is the safe transport of expensive biopharmaceuticals or new COVID-19 vaccines. By making good use of VXIELL, we hope to improve the efficiency and safety of our operations, and at the same time, contribute to solving social issues such as reducing the loss of pharmaceuticals.

Adoption example of Setana Municipal National Health Insurance Hospital in Hokkaido

Type of Industry
Medical institution
Usage plan
Rental service
For temporary storage of  COVID-19 vaccines
Pharmacy director (Vaccine Administrator)
User's voice
When we planned to operate a mass vaccination site in Setana Town, we were concerned about whether we could properly control the temperature of the vaccines since the vaccination site is not a medical institution. Since the vaccines used have to be adjusted within two hours at room temperature, we were considering dividing it into several parts and transferring it from the medical institution to the vaccination site. However, with the addition of temperature control and transfer work to the adjustment work, I had to keep an eye on it, and I was worried that mistakes would occur in the adjustment work.
The use of VIXELL, which can control the temperature appropriately between 2 and 8 degrees Celsius, cleared up the two issues of vaccine transfer to the vaccination site and temperature control, allowing the pharmacist to concentrate on vaccine preparation work. It is also worth mentioning that thanks to VIXELL, we were able to return the vaccines we had prepared as a reserve to the medical institutions and not waste the vaccines.
VIXELL is easy to handle and can control the temperature well, so it was a salvation for those who manage the practice of vaccination work. If we decide to restart mass vaccination again, we would like to use VIXELL.

Kansai City Residence Service Co., Ltd. Employment example

Real estate leasing business, etc. (commercial facilities)
Usage plan
Rental service
Temporary storage of vaccines during construction with power outages
Equipment maintenance department (in charge of clinic)
User's voice

During the summer season, a clinic where new coronavirus vaccines are administered required sudden construction work involving a power outage, and the challenge was how to manage the temperature of the vaccine while carrying out the work.
Initially, we were considering generators and refrigerated / frozen vehicles as temporary storage measures for vaccines, but there are various restrictions on vaccine storage such as temperature control, transportation, space and cost, and VIXELL can clear all of them. After receiving the proposal from the clinic and discussing it with the clinic in advance, we adopted VIXELL.
The vaccine was stored for about 12 hours, but the temperature was maintained properly and it was a special construction involving delicate vaccine storage, but the clinic was also satisfied.