VIXELL Vacuum-insulated cooling box for pharmaceutical transportation

We launch the world's first rental service of vacuum insulated cooling boxes (wireless) that use contactless "VIXELL" power supply technology to determine the quality of cooling performance.

VIXELL features vacuum insulation technology that realizes high insulation and longtime cooling developed by Panasonic in the refrigerator business. Our patented seamless, integrally molded vacuum insulation casing (VIC- Vacuum Insulated Case) is used as the insulation layer, which is the key of the cooling box.

The VIC is equipped with a wireless vacuum sensor unit that uses contactless (wireless) power supply technology for you to check the thermal insulation performance of the VIC before using VIXELL. Therefore, it can be used for transportation of biopharmaceuticals and transportation of investigational drugs and vaccines that require strict temperature control.

As a cooling box using vacuum insulation with built-in NFC (Near Field Communication) compatible device (As of March 1, 2021)

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VIXELL’s 3 Features

Robust and long-time cooling

It is more durable, and it provides a constant temperature environment for a much longer time.

Integrity of the Cooling box

You can check the safety of the box every time you use it.

Radio wave transparency

Wireless in-box health monitoring


Last-mile transportation

International transports

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