L² Technology

The sign of a new era for imaging and creativity

Crafting a vision of excellence, Leica and LUMIX join forces to empower creators around the globe with the limitless potential of a perfect synergy. Based on their successful partnership of more than two decades, L² Technology stands for a new cooperative culture and the joint development of innovative solutions for a new world of imaging.
This next level of a comprehensive strategic business alliance is more than the sum of its individual parts: The combination of Leica, the inventor of modern photography, and its leading-edge expertise in technology, optical engineering and German craftsmanship with LUMIX, the original creators of mirrorless camera systems, their pioneering spirit for technological innovation and digital transformation, will open up entirely new ways of creative expression. L² Technology’s mission is to proof that the best way to meet today’s challenges is not in segmentation and specialization, but in deepening our ability to inspire each other and create the solutions of the future - together.

Top Message

"We have been working with Panasonic for many years in a spirit of partnership and trust, and their extensive expertise is undisputed. The combination of our competencies in L² Technology is another milestone in the partnership and proves that the best way to meet today's challenges in the camera market is not to segment and specialize, but to deepen capabilities in order to jointly create solutions for the future."

Matthias Harsch,
CEO of Leica Camera AG.

"I am very pleased to have a broad partnership with Leica Camera. Through joint development and marketing with Leica, we will be able to provide products that delight as many customers as possible. This is a major turning point that will undoubtedly lead to the development of the imaging business and especially exciting as Panasonic Holdings. I personally can't wait to start using the new LUMIX with L² Technology"

Yuki Kusumi,
CEO of Panasonic Holdings Corporation.

“With the arrival of an era in which photos and videos are shared globally in real time, cameras are required to have capability to create more impressive and breath-taking expression. I have always been impressed by the high picture quality and the picture-making philosophy that Leica has developed over its long history. I am very pleased and excited to continue working with Leica to develop technology that will enable people around the world to share their emotions."

Akira Toyoshima,
CEO of Panasonic Entertainment & Communication Co.,Ltd.