L² Technology

The sign of a new era for imaging and creativity

Crafting a vision of excellence, Leica and LUMIX join forces to empower creators around the globe with the limitless potential of a perfect synergy. Based on their successful partnership of more than two decades, L² Technology stands for a new cooperative culture and the joint development of innovative solutions for a new world of imaging.
This next level of a comprehensive strategic business alliance is more than the sum of its individual parts: The combination of Leica, the inventor of modern photography, and its leading-edge expertise in technology, optical engineering and German craftsmanship with LUMIX, the original creators of mirrorless camera systems, their pioneering spirit for technological innovation and digital transformation, will open up entirely new ways of creative expression. L² Technology’s mission is to proof that the best way to meet today’s challenges is not in segmentation and specialization, but in deepening our ability to inspire each other and create the solutions of the future - together.

Top Message

"We have been working with Panasonic for many years in a spirit of partnership and trust, and their extensive expertise is undisputed. The combination of our competencies in L² Technology is another milestone in the partnership and proves that the best way to meet today's challenges in the camera market is not to segment and specialize, but to deepen capabilities in order to jointly create solutions for the future."

Matthias Harsch,
CEO of Leica Camera AG.

"I am very pleased to have a broad partnership with Leica Camera. Through joint development and marketing with Leica, we will be able to provide products that delight as many customers as possible. This is a major turning point that will undoubtedly lead to the development of the imaging business and especially exciting as Panasonic Holdings. I personally can't wait to start using the new LUMIX with L² Technology"

Yuki Kusumi,
CEO of Panasonic Holdings Corporation.

“With the arrival of an era in which photos and videos are shared globally in real time, cameras are required to have capability to create more impressive and breath-taking expression. I have always been impressed by the high picture quality and the picture-making philosophy that Leica has developed over its long history. I am very pleased and excited to continue working with Leica to develop technology that will enable people around the world to share their emotions."

Akira Toyoshima,
CEO of Panasonic Entertainment & Communication Co.,Ltd.


L² Technology Video

CP+ 2023 Talk Show

Stories from top management of Leica and LUMIX about perspectives on L² Technology.

【CP+2023 Conversation】 Deepening the collaboration between Leica x LUMIX - What is L² Technology?

A long line of eagerly awaiting customers formed for the general admission at the first live CP+ event held in four years. Speaking of eagerly-awaited, image plane phase detection AF (PDAF) is finally available with LUMIX, and it has been garnering a great deal of attention. In fact, L² Technology is used in the new S5II/S5IIX engine, which is the first to incorporate PDAF. In this article, we will be reporting on a conversation held between representatives of the two companies regarding this L² Technology.

These are the two speakers.

Jesko von Oeynhausen

Global Director Product Division Photo, Leica Camera AG

This collaboration is on a completely different level than ever before!

Mr. Yamane:
As you may know, on May 31 last year, Leica and Panasonic announced the signing of a strategic comprehensive collaboration agreement, and developed “L² Technology” as a new trademark of the collaboration.

We started working with Leica when LUMIX was first created, but this collaboration is on a different level. This is not a limited collaboration, such as a licensing agreement or technology partnership to put the Leica logo on Panasonic products. We have comprehensively deepened our collaboration under mutual agreement between the two companies as business partners. 

This is a picture of me signing a contract on my first overseas business trip in over three years, and it was such an exciting event that I'll probably request for it to be placed next to me in my coffin.

Mr. von Oeynhausen:
For more than 20 years, Panasonic and Leica have worked together in strong partnership and mutual trust.

From now on, the two companies will jointly invest and develop technologies that create new expressiveness by taking advantage of the individuality and strengths of both companies, and the technologies developed there will be used in marketing activities under the name of L² Technology.

In other words, we will strategically deepen our collaboration through the three pillars of joint investment, joint development and joint marketing.

Mr. Yamane:
Please note that it is not “L Two," but “L²”.
The L symbolizes the initials L for Leica and LUMIX. Rather than simply adding 1 + 1, the expression “squared” symbolizes the infinite scope of collaborative outcomes.

Phase Detection AF and L² Technology

Mr. Yamane:
This year, LUMIX introduced the S5 II/S5 IIX, the first series of products incorporating L² Technology. These products are equipped with a new engine, which was developed in collaboration with Leica.

So, what has changed? I think that is what everyone is most interested in. The main thing is the platform. It was developed together with Leica with the future in mind. One example is LUMIX's new "Phase Detection Autofocus (PDAF)," which is implemented with a new engine developed in collaboration using L² Technology.

In other areas, I believe that Leica's essence is being added as part of the DNA of picture-making, although it may be difficult to see it in the form of joint development.

Will L² Technology be incorporated into Leica's products?

Mr. Yamane:

By the way, Jesko-san, Leica is also developing a new product with L² Technology, right?

Mr. von Oeynhausen:
Yes, maybe (laughs). Today I cannot say concretely when or which kind of model we are considering, but we believe that the benefit of our collaboration is that the positive DNA of both companies will be embedded in each other’s products.

For example, some of Panasonic’s cutting-edge digital technologies, as well as its manufacturing experience, have been passed on to our company’s products as L² Technology, which will be used to offer new functions for future Leica products. I feel its value there.

LUMIX wants to learn the impressive picture-making

Mr. von Oeynhausen:
By the way, what does Panasonic expect from Leica to develop new L² Technology in future?

Mr. Yamane:
Leica has a reputation and extensive history of superior image quality, so we would like to learn your impressive picture-making philosophy.

Leica wants to work with LUMIX on miniaturization and developing the image improvement technology using AI

Mr. Yamane:
Could you explain more about what you are thinking for L² Technology in the future? What are some things that Leica expects from Panasonic?

Mr. von Oeynhausen:
Firstly as technologies, we are trying to work on miniaturization and improving image results directly out of cameras by using AI technologies.

We would like to develop technologies that take such trends into account. And also over a longer period of time, we would like to think and build together the technologies necessary for the future of the imaging industry. I think this is what makes it meaningful for two companies to do it together.

We are very happy to work jointly with Panasonic on technology that is relevant to the customers of both brands.

Mr. Yamane:
I hope we can work together in friendly competition to develop it! Leica and Panasonic engineers are already working together very closely to address these challenges on a daily basis.

We have online technical discussions almost every week, and although they have become less frequent due to COVID-19, many engineers from Germany have also visited Japan, and we continue to have really passionate discussions. We hope that in the near future, we will be able to provide that quality to each other's products in a good way.

Mr. von Oeynhausen:
We thus create the core technologies together, but the products of each brand have their own specifications and the way we use the technologies will still be different regarding the positioning of each company’s DNA.

We hope LUMIX fans will also be interested in Leica's products!

Not "L Two" but "L²". By squaring, the collaborative results are unlimited

Mr. Yamane:
I hope now you understand what L² Technology is and what our vision is for the future. Today let us show you our new key visual of this joint collaboration. Based on the symbolic company colors (Leica red and Panasonic blue), it shows infinite possibilities of our collaboration by the ripples on the back.

As indicated by the tagline "Future-enabled" = "Enabling the Future," both companies will continue to work together to think about and realize the technologies needed for the imaging industry in the future. Please stay tuned.

This key visual will be also shared on our social media, so we hope that many people will post their opinions, including their expectations for L² Technology.