Interview with S5II/S5IIX Developers
The Real Value of LUMIX S5II and S5IIX, in the Words of the Developers


We want people to experience the ever-evolving S series system

Still and Video Performance

Bringing rendering performance to new levels in line with our picture-making philosophy of “Capturing it all”

AF and Image Stabilization

We added a Phase Hybrid AF to deliver faster, more accurate autofocus tracking

Exterior Design

Pursuing uncompromising perfection down to the tiniest detail not shown in specifications

CP+2023 L-Mount Alliance Talk Show

GH6 Development Story
Taking a closer look behind the scenes of the development of the GH6, which has finally been unveiled after five years

Product Planning Story

After five years of silence, it has finally arrived

Picture-Making Story

Entering the full-frame realm while still staying a Micro Four Thirds camera

Downsizing Story

The obstacles standing in the way of downsizing

Usability Story

Responding to creators' requests for their desired functions

LUMIX Picture-making Philosophy
Capturing It All

Chapter 1

What is the picture-making philosophy that appeals to the senses?

Chapter 2

Unraveling the sensibilities of creators

Chapter 3

Photo Style, A strong ally for showcasing unedited images

GH5M2 Development story
GH Evolution in the Live Streaming Era


1 : Responding to the needs of the times and evolving ease of use


2 : Condensing four years of performance evolution in the GH5 body size


3 : The Way to Realize Wireless Live Streaming

S-R2060 Development story
The Passion and Efforts for Creating a Standard Zoom Lens with a Starting Focal Length of 20 mm for Super-wide Angle for the New Era of Photography and Video Shooting


1 : Creating a completely new standard zoom lens that befits the needs in a new era


2 : Optical Design Efforts for Achieving Conflicting Objectives of Ultra-wide Angle and Compact Size


3 : Uncompromising Video Performance and Meticulous Attention to Details for Both High Design Quality and Excellent Operability

S5 Development story


What makes them choose LUMIX S5, from the perspective of a videographer, as well as the development story and behind-the-scenes story from the engineers

G100 Development story
Introducing the compact mirrorless camera LUMIX G100 tailored for vloggers by the developers

Date: 2021.01.21

1 : Catching the trend of called “vlogging” – why and how the G100 was born

Date: 2021.01.21

2 : Downsizing vs. usability – from the designer’s point of view

Date: 2021.01.21

3 : Pursuing sound quality with the microphone optimized for vlogging