The actions that Panasonic can take may each seem small.
But we hope that our efforts will add up and lead to significant impact on global warming issues.
The name, Panasonic GREEN IMPACT, has been given to all the initiatives we are working on at Panasonic Group and we will report our impact on the environment as well as our contribution in the form of data such as the amount of CO2 emissions.
In addition, we aim to further reduce CO2 emissions to society beyond the emissions associated only with our business activities and contribute to carbon neutrality in the world.

Panasonic GREEN IMPACT ①Reduction of CO2 Emissions associated with Our Business a) Achieve net zero CO2 emission of all operating companies by 2030 (Scope 1&2*) b) Reduce CO2 emission of our customers through the use of our products and other emissions associated with our business (Scope 3*) ②Contribution of Reducing CO2 Emission of Society Scope 1,2* Scope 3* CO2 Emission associated with Our Business Emission of Our Factories. Offices Emission of Our Suppliers Emission of Our Customers through the use of Our Products Others ①Reduce Contribution of Reducing CO2 Emission of Society Reducing Energy Consumption & Expanding the Use of Clean Energy in Homes, Towns, Mobility & Supply Chain ②Increase * As classified by the GHG Protocol, an international calculation standard of CO2 emissions