Each of Us Breathes in
18 Kilograms of Air a Day

Human estimated daily consumption diagram, 18kg air, 1.3kg food, and 1.2kg water.

We breathe in about 18 kilograms of air a day—enough to fill a sphere 3 meters in diameter. In fact, we breathe in about 15 times more air by weight every day than the food we eat or the water we drink.

So, for us to lead a healthy life, the quality of the air we breathe is just as important as the quality of the food we eat and the water we drink.

Three Key Elements of QUALITY AIR DESIGN

Three key elements of quality air design includes air conditioning, ventilation and nanoe™ Technology.


Note: Results may vary based on usage, and seasonal and environmental variables (temperature and humidity). nanoe™ and nanoe™ X inhibit activity or growth of viruses, but do not prevent infection. Deodorisation effect varies according to the environment (temperature and humidity), operation time, odour, and fabric types. It does not remove toxic substances in cigarettes (carbon monoxide, etc.). Odours that are continuously generated (e.g., building material odours and pet odors) are not completely removed. All images shown are for illustration purpose only.

Note: Product models may differ according to country.

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