Invisible Issues With Indoor Air Environments

Do your children have trouble focusing on their studies in their room? Concentration is disrupted by loud operating noises and they may feel colder in smaller rooms.

Diagram of kids feeling cold of direct flow from air conditioner and kid stress out over the loud noise of air conditioner

Poor air quality causes lack of focus. Uncomfortable study environment causes you to feel lethargic and unproductive.

A girl fall asleep while studying

Recommended Installation Area

Study Room

Recommended installation area in study room

Air Solutions - Air Purification

Clean study room with minimal dust (PM2.5)

Removes dust particles (PM2.5) by capturing and trapping them at the filter.

A bunch of pillows and carpet on the floor

Maintaining a healthier study environment

Study and focus better in a room that is safe from bacteria and allergens, keeping illnesses at bay.

A boy painting on the canvas

Air Solutions - Air Flow

Comfortable Environment for Learning

Cool air showers down gently and evenly across the room prevents overcooling for better concentration.

A lady assisting a girl in doing schoolwork with air flow from conditioner flowing on top

Book Storage Stays Pleasantly Dry

Switch on ‘Dry Mode’ to control humidity.

Bookshelves in studyroom

Air Solutions - Air Efficiency

Optimal Comfort in Your Study Space With More Energy Savings

ECO Mode with A.I. learns and adapts to your environment based on heat load conditions and air conditioning capacity to maximise energy savings.

A boy studying

Minimal Distractions to Stay Focused

Quiet Mode ensures low noise levels for a cool and peaceful study room atmosphere.

A girl reading on the sofa

Air Solutions - Air Connectivity*

Fresh and purified air at all times

Monitor air quality with ease and activate the nanoe™ mode using Panasonic Comfort Cloud App.

Two children in the study room

Easily adjust temperature via mobile device

Remotely control temperature even when you are away from home.

A lady looking into her phone with background of living room and study room.


*Wireless LAN Remote Control for Internet Connection (optional network adaptor) applicable to ELITE INVERTER and PREMIUM INVERTER.