Be a PRO

Panasonic has an impressive range of support services for designers, specifiers, engineers and distributors working in the heating and cooling markets. You can use a variety of our unique services below to assist you.

Panasonic PRO Club

Panasonic announces a new initiative for all professionals involved in the heating and cooling business - the Panasonic PRO Club ( This exciting new portal provides distributors, installers, engineers and specifiers with a direct communication channel with one of the industry's major manufacturers.
The website contains a wealth of information from the latest versions of Panasonic's Aquarea and Etherea Design Software, to Technical Documentation, Catalogues and Images for the company's wide range of heating and cooling systems - all in an easy to navigate and use website.
Also, registered users will be able to access news regarding special promotions and take advantage of these offers, as well as access helpful business advice such as ideas and guidelines for showroom decoration or van livery featuring Panasonic logos and display material.

The Panasonic PRO-Academy opens its doors

Panasonic takes its responsibility to its distributors, specifiers and installers seriously and has developed a comprehensive Training Programme. The Panasonic Pro-Academy encompasses the traditional hands-on approach, as well as embracing today's technology to offer an eLearning facility available 24 hours, 7 days a week!

New training courses cover three levels

Design, installation, and commissioning & trouble-shooting
Training courses include:
· Aquarea air source heat pumps (MCS accredited)
GHP (2012)
The courses are offered on site at Panasonic's premises across Europe and Asia as well as via the Panasonic ProClub eLearning site. The Training Centers display Panasonic's latest product range and give delegates an opportunity to get hands-on experience with the latest controllers, indoor and outdoor units from the VRF , Etherea, GHP and Aquarea ranges.


Panasonic provides bespoke software helping system designers, installers and dealers to very quickly design and size systems, create wiring diagrams and issue bills of quantities at the push of a button.

Panasonic's New Advanced VRF Software with AutoCAD©
compatibility makes design easier than ever

VRF Designer

Panasonic is pleased to announce the launch of its new Advanced VRF Designer software. Building on the success of the VRF Designer software, this package provides air conditioning system designers, installers and dealers with a program to design and size projects for Panasonic's VRF ranges. Similar to the standard VRF Designer software, it is possible to create wiring diagrams, electrical power wiring and issue bills of quantities with a simple push of a button. With Panasonic's Advanced software, designers are now able to work directly from AutoCAD files, making the process extremely easy to manage and time-saving. AutoCAD drawings, print outs and scans from existing designs can be imported and altered with the system therein. Super-efficient and built for the designers' every need, Panasonic's Advanced VRF software can create life-sized piping designs and automatic length calculation based on their imported drawings

The Panasonic VRF Designer software can be used for all Panasonic FSV ME2, LE1
and MF2 features include

· Mounting scheme Design selection from building floor drawing.
· Any kind of drawing format.
(dxf, jpg, png..etc.)
· Conventional principal scheme.
· Easy to use system wizards.
· Auto piping and wiring features.

· Converted duties for conditions and pipework.
· Auto(CAD) [dxf], Excel and PDF export.
· Detailed wiring and pipework diagrams.
· Automatic price quotation.
· Automatic tender document assist.

Panasonic VRF