Leading Change in Society Together with Our Customers

Panasonic Industry Co., Ltd. is now launched as an operating company in charge of the devices field, following the Panasonic Group's adoption of the new structure.

Our mission is to "open the way to a better future and continue to contribute to an affluent society through a variety of device technologies"; by anticipating the changes that will occur in the world, our aim is to change society together with our customers.

This determination is expressed in our slogan: "Your Committed Enabler."

To make this come true, we will contribute with solutions to difficult social issues such as labor shortages in manufacturing, the explosion of data volumes with the rise of the information-based society, pressing demands for the environment and safety for the mobility society.

We will lead the way to change in society while changing ourselves to generate new value, based on our many strengths: Our ability to co-create with customers in the world and global site network built up over many long years, our technology base refined on the principle of "good design, good components," and our talented human resources who earnestly work with customers to provide solutions.

In parallel to this, we will actively seek to contribute to solutions to global environmental issues, realizing carbon neutrality in our production activities and lowering environmental impacts through evolution of our product performance.

I look forward to your cooperation and support in our endeavors.

Shinji Sakamoto
Representative Director, President, CEO
Panasonic Industry Co., Ltd.

picture: Shinji Sakamoto