Diversity, Equity and Inclusion



Differences are Wonderful

We at Panasonic Industry promote DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) under the motto "Differences are Wonderful" Offering fair access to opportunities to all is essential to allow individuality to shine. Our aim is to be an active and vibrant organization allowing open discussion based on mutual respect, where every difference can be an advantage, allowing every employee to use those advantages for growth. To make this possible, we are engaged in effective steps such the necessary support, programs, and rules revisions.

We are a Team Industry, a company people and organization continue to grow

Shinji Sakamoto President Chief Executive Officer (CEO) In charge of DEI (Diversity, Equity & Inclusion) Promotion Panasonic Industry Corporation

On April 1, 2022, Panasonic Industry Co., Ltd. was newly started as a joint-stock company. Our products, including world-class electronic components, devices, and materials, are the fruit of the wealth of knowledge, abilities, and individuality possessed by each of our seniors and colleagues, as well as the accumulated passion and efforts devoted to technological development and manufacturing, from the past to the present. They are a testament to our diversity.

If the members who work together recognize and respect each other's differences and complement them as characteristics and strengths, then as the best team we can demonstrate a power far beyond our imagination.

We are a Team Industry, a company that sees challenge and failure as the best opportunity to learn, actively challenges change, enjoys change, and accumulates experience while continuing to grow both people and the organization.

In order to provide the best value to customers around the world, we at Panasonic Industry believe that it is our responsibility to foster a corporate culture in which all employees can work enthusiastically under the banner of fairness.

Shinji Sakamoto
Representative Director, President, CEO
In charge of DEI Promotion
Panasonic Industry Co., Ltd.



Global Diversity Promoter

Panasonic Industry is home to leaders who strongly promote DEI.

Panasonic Industry Co., Ltd. Toshiya Umemura  Managing Executive Officer, Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO)

Toshiya Umemura

Managing Executive Officer, Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO)

Panasonic is a conglomeration of so many businesses, resulting in unique aspects and organizational culture that have allowed us to take the lead in social change. Using these advantages to forge connections inside and outside the company, to incorporate and accept diverse personalities, underpins even further growth. Without a doubt, the world we are engaging with will only become more and more complex. For me, DEI is in and of itself the potential of this company. It is my responsibility to set this potential free.

Panasonic Industry Co., Ltd. Yin Zhiming  Managing Executive Officer in charge of Panasonic Industry (China) Co., Ltd.

Yin Zhiming

Managing Executive Officer in charge of Panasonic Industry (China) Co., Ltd.

To speedily and flexibly adapt to the changes of our clients in the age of VUCA absolutely requires cross innovation through people with diverse cultural backgrounds, personalities, thinking, knowledge, and experience talking openly and learning together. As a Chinese proverb puts it, a hero's place of origin isn't important. Every person who can contribute is a hero, regardless of their gender, nationality, religion, ethnicity, age, or other factor. Providing fair environments for diverse talent so that each person can utilize their potential to the full is the true basis of competitive strength, and gives impetus to the development of our business and of society.

Panasonic Industry Co., Ltd. Hiroko Kitatani  Managing Executive Officer, Chief Legal Officer (CLO)

Hiroko Kitatani

Managing Executive Officer, Chief Legal Officer (CLO)

For Panasonic to become a truly powerful company, it is essential for us to embrace the chance to stretch our abilities to the full while collaborating to make the most of each other's unique characters and strengths. Panasonic's basic philosophy of Collective Wisdom begins from the spirit of mutually recognizing our uniqueness, respecting individuality, and helping each other. This allows us to be a company that can truly do good work for our customers and for society. We are committed to building fair workplace environments allowing diverse talent to utilize their unique abilities and strengths.


Panasonic Industry employees active globally2022

Number of Global Employees: Total About 44,000. Japan: About 13,000. Overseas: About 31,000.


Panasonic Industry's DEI initiatives

DEI in-company events and training sessions

DEI forum

To cultivate workplace environments where diverse employees can enjoy actively engaging in their work, we regularly hold awareness-raising activities for all employees, including lectures on DEI by outside experts and panel discussions among our own officers streamed live. The key point is for us to acknowledge the importance of accommodating and including people despite differences (inclusion) and fairly allocating opportunities to people (equity) as well as diversity, and to connect this awareness to our daily actions. These give each and every one of us the chance to become more aware and enhance dialogue in our ideas and workplaces, creating workplace cultures where DEI can thrive.

Unconscious Bias Training Session

Unconscious (implicit) bias refers to associations we hold about other people outside our conscious awareness. Our unconscious biases come to surface in our thinking and behavior as part of our daily lives. They can cause hurt to others and limit our own potential without our even noticing. (For example, assuming that you, or that another person, cannot do something, because you/they are such-and-such a person)
We provide e-learning and training opportunities to allow our employees to spot and be aware of their own unconscious bias, so that we can have workplace environments that allow everyone to expand their potential.

Career Enhancement Seminar

We hold training courses for female employees to help empower them. Each and every participants can experience their own change and growth through round-table meetings with executives and role models and group work, to recognize their own untapped potential and build a confident mindset ready to take on challenges. The same level of commitment among the participants allows them to empathize with each other's concerns and worries, including life events and other situations, so that they can turn this into energy propelling them toward the next step forward. These seminars help each person to rise to the challenge of embracing leadership in their own style.

Panasonic Industry Co., Ltd. Career Enhancement Seminar

Diverse Workstyles and Support Programs

Support the balance between your work and life, and career

◇Diverse support programs for each life stage of all our employees (pregnancy, childbirth, childcare, caregiving, etc.)

  • Childcare leave
  • Paternity/maternity leave
  • Family support leave (eligible employees can take five days a year, including half-days)
  • Work and life support schedule (shortened working hours program)
  • Child planning leave
  • Caregiving leave
  • Leave for difficulties for expectant and nursing mothers, etc.

We aim to improve the utilization rate of leave by encouraging them and their superiors to use these programs, promoting male employees to actively take part in raising their child.

◇We have leave programs that encourage each employee to reach for their ultimate potential

  • Challenge leave* (allows a 10-day vacation at a key milestone)
  • Career development support leave (in principle for three or less years to develop one's vocational abilities)
  • Career development support schedule (shortened working hours to develop one's vocational abilities)
  • Employee reemployment program

*Leave System for Employee Self-Development

Support to upgrade and empower your career

◇A program that empowers female employees for their future

  • Career enhancement seminar

◇A program that encourages individual employees to take on a challenge for their personal development

  • A Better Dialogue between the employee and their superior helps them find what they want to be and what they want to achieve
  • One-on-one meetings for better quality dialogue with greater frequency for the employee and their superior
  • e-Challenge and e-Appeal (in-company recruitment program) and Multiple Jobs (in-company second job program) for people to test their potential in new areas
  • Mentor program

◇A program for flexible and high productivity workstyles

  • Flexitime program
  • Telework / remote work program

Panasonic Industry is proactively building fair workplace environments against the background of changing societies and diversification of employee values.