Environmental Vision


The Panasonic Group announced in January 2022 its long-term group environmental vision, called Panasonic GREEN IMPACT (PGI). We have been accelerating our initiatives to contribute to reduction of emissions from our business activities, as well as from our customers and from society. As the Panasonic Group company devoted to the devices business, Panasonic Industry has formulated the Panasonic Industry Environmental Vision based on the above concept to illustrate our environmental vision for 2050.

Panasonic Industry's Environmental Vision

In order to achieve both “a better life” and “a sustainable global environment”, we will lead the progress of civilization with a variety of device technologies.
Together with our customers we will realize a society that has a minimal impact on the global environment.

The Panasonic Group believes that one of the most important issues is to tackle global environmental issues, including climate change. We announced Panasonic GREEN IMPACT, our long-term environmental vision to the world.

We will open the way to a better future and continuously contribute to an affluent society through a variety of device technologies. This is the mission of Panasonic Industry Co., Ltd.
As a device company driving the progress of civilization by providing products to customers in a variety of industries, we will more proactively address global environmental issues. A sustainable global environment is the goal of the Panasonic group.
As such, we will contribute to realizing a society that achieves a better life with affluence both in material and mind, and a sustainable global environment, which is the goal of the Panasonic Group.

We strongly believe that our technologies are the keys to achieve our goal.
Over the 100 years since the foundation of our company, we have continuously accumulated expertise in device technologies. By fully utilizing and evolving such technologies, we will create devices and materials with less environmental impact, technologies conducive to solving global environmental issues as well as pursuing environmentally sound manufacturing.

Transforming the world you see from places you can’t see
Our devices may be invisible in daily life.
However, we can take the initiative in contributing to realizing a decarbonized society and circular economy. We aim to achieve this by delivering products with less environmental impact through the products and services of customers active in fields such as mobility, information and telecommunication infrastructure, manufacturing.

Initiatives for actualizing the Environmental Vision

Decarbonization in supply chains

Decarbonize our entire supply chain, in addition to our own business operations.
Achieve net-zero CO2 emissions for our company by 2030 and strive to reduce overall CO2 emissions to net-zero by 2050.

Our business activities aimed at realizing an affluent society have, on the flip side, responsible for significant amounts of CO2. As part of our responsibilities, we will strive to reduce CO2 emissions from our own business activities and products. For example, we will implement actions towards achieving carbon neutrality by continuously improving energy use efficiency, utilizing clean energies, and fostering collaboration with all individuals involved in our entire supply chains through our procurement, logistics, and sales departments. This will be carried out alongside our pursuit of business growth.

100% renewable energy by 2030
Improvement of energy use efficiency by production process innovation
Collaboration with partners, nations and local governments
Collaboration with suppliers

Decarbonization through products and services

Contribution to the decarbonization of society through our technology and solutions that significantly reduce the emissions in the application and use at customer.

In the business areas that we focus on, we have stepped up the pace of our decarbonization efforts. For example, vehicles are increasingly electrified in the mobility area and comprehensive energy saving is required in the information and telecommunication infrastructure area and at manufacturing sites.

With an intention of supporting our customers' decarbonization efforts in the above business areas and contributing to the environmental conservation of society as a whole, we will respond to expectations by fully utilizing and further evolving the device technologies that we have created over the past 100 years. We are convinced that the development of devices with performance and reliability that exceed the high decarbonization requirements of our customers will directly lead to the pursuit of outstanding environmental performance. We will provide products chosen by more customers in terms of both environmental and functional aspects. We will expand our business and contribution to realizing a decarbonized society.

In the medium​- to long- term, we will address challenges by innovating technologies and manufacturing processes. We will take the initiative in contributing to the realization of a decarbonized society through the creation of innovative devices and materials that offer new environmental value, and the creation of solutions with such devices and materials at the core.


Increasing avoided amounts of CO2 emissions through the evolution of the environmental performance of our products
Fair and transparent information disclosure to stakeholders
Contribution to decarbonization by R&D and business development

Contribution to realizing a circular economy

Contribution to realizing a circular economy by improving resource use efficiency in the entire product lifecycle and maximizing product lifetime.

With an eye on leading the advancement of civilization while ensuring sustainable use of the earth's limited resources, we will utilize our device technologies and maximize resource and product values. For example, while reducing the consumption of scarce resources, we will take on challenges to design and develop more high value-added devices and further promote the utilization of recycled resources and waste in manufacturing.

In the medium- to long- term, we will take the initiative in contributing to the realization of a circular economy through the development of new circular models in collaboration with customers and partners, the creation of innovative devices and materials that facilitate resource conservation and circulation, and the creation of solutions with such devices and materials at the core.

Initiatives to ensure efficient use of resources across our entire value chains

  • Upstream (procurement, design, and development) : Including the reduction of rare resources and the utilization of recycled resources
  • Midstream (production) : Promotion of factory recycling
  • Downstream (collection) : Establishment of a circular model for recycled resin, etc.

●Contribution to realizing a circular economy by R&D and business development