Focusing on areas where social demands are strong and continuous evolution is required

Panasonic Industry focuses on areas requiring ongoing evolution to contribute to solving social problems. In each area we have rolled out products with prominent strengths based on our unique materials and process technologies, acquiring a large share globally.



Sophistication for manufacturing for the next generation

Manufacturing front lines require more sophistication of equipment and the realization of high productivity, yet face issues with the shortage of veteran workers and the passing on of technological skills. As we develop our business primarily through industrial motors, we are providing solutions fine-tuned to customer needs, while further expanding the scope of our contributions.​

[Representative products] Industrial motors, sensors, controllers



Supporting the development of telecommunications infrastructure

In readiness for the further expansion of the IoT society, the telecommunications infrastructure that supports it requires measures to cope with the explosive increase in data distribution volumes, and stability for this social infrastructure. We contribute through devices that have superior reliability and high levels of durability, as well as performance capable of high speed communications.​

[Representative products] Multi-layer PCBs, electroconductive polymer capacitors​


Automotive CASE

Contributing to the evolution of mobility

The mobility society is square in the middle of the changes called CASE.* We are contributing to the realization of vehicles that are safe, comfortable, and environmentally sound through our diverse devices.

[Representative products] EV relays, EV film capacitor units, automotive inductors, hybrid capacitors​

* CASE: Connected (vehicles permanently connected to communication networks), Autonomous (self-driving), Shared and Services (services for shared use of vehicles), Electric (electric vehicles)


Driving Business Growth in Three Core Businesses

Panasonic Industry aims at further growth for its core businesses of FA solutions, electronic materials, and capacitors, to contribute through business to solutions to social challenges, forge a better future, and continue to help achieve an enriched society.​

FA solutions:Combined proposals and growth in China

[FA solutions]
Combined proposals and growth in China

By suggesting proposals based on our advantages in high-precision servo motor technology not only singly but together with sensors and software, we contribute to sophistication of manufacturing in the front lines, as required by our equipment manufacturer customers. We are strengthening our operational structures in China, where we have a particularly large share in industrial motors, with the aim of gaining further growth.

Electronic materials:Taking the lead in the evolution of cutting edge semiconductors

[Electronic materials]
Taking the lead in the evolution of cutting edge semiconductors​

With low loss/high heat resistant technology we are focusing on semiconductor peripheral materials as well as multi-layer PCBs which we have a high share in for telecommunications infrastructure. Greater sophistication of the materials that form the base of semiconductors is essential to their evolution. By making proposals combining several semiconductor materials to meet these needs, we can take the lead in the evolution of cutting edge semiconductor packages.​

Capacitors:Promoting the development of supercapacitors​

Promoting the development of supercapacitors​

Utilizing our advantages in highly reliable technology through our original materials and processes, we have acquired a top share in electroconductive capacitors. Now, to cope with even greater capacity needs, we are working through academic-industrial collaboration on developing supercapacitors going beyond the limits of existing technology, to explore new electricity storage applications such as for vehicles and data centers.