Environmental Policy


With the aim of achieving both “a better life” and “a sustainable global environment”, we will drive the development of civilization with a variety of device technologies and work with our customers to realize a society with the lowest possible environmental impact on the earth.

■Priority activities
・We will promote decarbonization of our entire supply chain, including our own activities, and aim to achieve net zero CO2 emissions in 2030 and zero total CO2 emissions in 2050.
・We will contribute to the decarbonization of society by providing products, services, and solutions for customers who use our devices and materials.
・We contribute to the realization of a circular economy by improving resource usage efficiency over the product lifecycle.

■Continuing activities
・We will reduce waste and hazardous chemical substance use, and prevent environmental contamination, such as air, water, soil, and groundwater, working on protection of global environmental and ecosystem.
・We will facilitate communication with stakeholders, customers and local communities, promoting proper responses to their requirements and CSR enhancement.
・We will comply with laws and other requirements applied to our business activities.
・To improve environmental performance in our business activities, we will promote continuous improvement for the Environmental Management System.
・We will develop environmental human resources and establish an Environmental Management System on a global basis, practicing environmental sustainability management.

We will make this Environmental Policy open to the public, disseminate it to all employees and parties concerned, implement on a global basis by developing it to departmental objectives or targets, and promote environmental management in all divisions.

April 1, 2024
Shinji Sakamoto
Representative Director, President, CEO
Panasonic Industry Co., Ltd.