We will open the way to a better future and continue to contribute to an affluent society through a variety of device technologies.


Looking ahead to indications of the future to lead society’s transformation with our customers

How will Panasonic Industry evolve and what will the company be like in 2030?

One goal is to offer on-target solutions through insight into the real issues faced by our customers. But that doesn’t tell the whole story. We have the potential to do much more.

For example…

We will become indispensable to strengthening customers’ competitiveness by consistently offering solutions beyond what they imagined.

We will address global issues through world-class environmental technologies that both protect the environment and promote the progress of civilization.

We will help create a more materially and emotionally rich society through proposals for greater safety, security, and labor-saving automation.

We will lead society’s transformation with our customers through information collection that anticipates how the world will change.

We will change the world together with our customers by unleashing their full potential and our own.

Consumers never touch or even see our products.

But for that very reason we can change society and the world in more fundamental, more profound, and more intricate ways. We firmly believe this.

Transforming the world you see from places you can’t see.


4 Core Values & 8 Values

4 Core Values: Human resources, Customer oriented, Technological base, Creative base
8 Values: A firm commitment to deal with customers with sincerity, The responsiveness needed to quickly and flexibly meet society’s expectations, A wealth of world-leading device technologies and expertise, Solutions for achieving a sustainable society, Powerful information expertise to anticipate change, The imagination to envision the future and meet new challenges, Proposals for creating diverse new connections through a global network, Co-creation to bring together customers and partners in diverse industries

|Panasonic Industry Slogan

Your Committed Enabler

Our slogan, "Your Committed Enabler," is a simple expression of our vision. The slogan expresses our brand’s clear intention to transform into a partner who stands with our customers, expands the possibilities for the futures they imagine, and makes it all happen together.