Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

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For the success of each person who accepts challenges and the organization, the Panasonic Group is committed to promote Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI), with the vision of becoming the Best Place to Work where diverse talents work at their best.

Employees with different experiences, opinions, and cultural backgrounds work together in our company. By respecting each other's values and promoting DEI management, which embraces and capitalizes on greater diversity, all employees will have opportunities to grow through their work and demonstrate their abilities, consequently enhancing the company's competitiveness. To this end, I must also be free of prejudice or bias, and sincerely listen to employees. Instead of rejecting or criticizing the opinions of employees, I will take them seriously even if they differ from my own views or those of the company. In addition, I would like to actively communicate the importance of diverse opinions and willingness to accept them, and encourage a culture of open discussion in the workplace to create a company that allows open and honest communication.

"Develop people before making products." With these words of founder Konosuke Matsushita always in mind, we will continue our efforts to contribute to society through our DEI management.

Akira Toyoshima,
President, and Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

image: discussion between employees and senior management

Discussion between employees and senior management

Employees with unique characters create diversity.
We frequently organize opportunities for senior management and employees to discuss face-to-face to enable the company to listen to employees and reflect their opinions in its management policies and corporate culture development.

Awareness building of DEI

The Panasonic Group periodically holds seminars and forums, and provides information via its intranet site to ensure that each and every employee properly understands DEI with the aim of creating workplaces with high psychological safety.

image: awareness building of DEI
image: office infrastructure improvement

Office infrastructure improvement

In order to ensure that everyone can work safely and comfortably, we are improving our office infrastructure through different measures, including eliminating steps on the floor, installing handrails on the stairs, and preparing accessible restrooms available for any gender.