‘Conquer Summer’ campaign to reaffirm Panasonic’s position as leader in AC technology

‘Conquer Summer’ campaign to reaffirm Panasonic’s position as leader in AC technology

New marketing campaign to highlight optimum efficiency of Panasonic Air Conditioners in providing comfortable living during UAE’s hottest months

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Panasonic today rolled out its ‘Conquer Summer’ campaign in the UAE to remind consumers that keeping your house comfortably cool in the scorching summer heat is a breeze with the brand’s range of class-leading air conditioners.  The campaign positions the Japanese manufacturer at the forefront of AC innovation, specifically highlighting the air conditioners’ JETSREAM technology for powerful cooling and high energy efficiency.

The ‘Conquer Summer’ campaign also emphasizes Panasonic’s continuing efforts to contribute to value improvement for customers by providing products and solutions that increase convenience and change lifestyles for the better.

Deepak Krishnan, Deputy General Manager – PMMAF said, “In the UAE, and for the rest of the Middle East as well, sweltering heat during summer becomes a part of everyday life.  At the peak of the season, discomfort is actually more than just intolerably high temperatures.  The soaring humidity is also something not to be taken lightly because it only raises further the level of discomfort we all experience.  With the long, hot season ahead, we want to send out a message to everyone that it is important that you be ready to beat the heat by getting a Panasonic Air Conditioner.  Customers are assured that with our ACs’ advanced features, they can definitely enjoy the perfect relaxing cool comfort any time of the day throughout summer.”

Since the introduction of its first window-type air conditioning in 1958, Panasonic Air Conditioners have established a global reputation for delivering unmatched quality and reliability.  The brand’s air conditioners, which are top-sellers in Japan and other important markets across the globe including the UAE, are designed with a host of class-leading specifications and features delivering unparalleled comfort, energy efficiency and ease of use.  

Among Panasonic’s latest AC innovation is JETSTREAM, which is designed to deliver unmatched powerful cooling to the room.  JETSTREAM achieves a maximum airflow length of 25 metres. This Long Reach Airflow provides users with a comfortable space and optimal room temperature wherever they may be in the room.  The cross flow fan of the ACs produces a powerful airflow from a small amount of energy, thereby ensuring exceptional energy saving performance.

In addition to the JETSTREAM technology, Panasonic air conditioners are designed with a level of durability that delivers high performance even under the harsh environment of regions such as the Middle East. Tough specifications allow them to withstand operating temperatures up to 55ºC, and prevent the entry of sand and dust.

Apart from above features, the units even allow flexible installation options for taller apartment blocks with its industry best piping length capabilities of 30 Meter total & 20 M vertical.

“Our R&D focuses addressing customer needs and this is why we always strive to meet their growing aspirations and deliver a new level of convenience.  Quality is at the core of all our manufacturing and we make sure that Panasonic air conditioners comply with all required industrial standards and regulations.  Other unique features, such as our pioneering Nanoe technology, the ECONAVI sensor technology for smart energy saving and the blue-coated condenser fins to enhance the AC’s durability – all of these improvements have been developed in order to live up to our reputation for high-quality Japanese craftmanship,” Deepak added.

The Panasonic ‘Conquer Summer’ campaign can be seen across print, online, and broadcast media outlets.


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