Make convenient cooking healthier and tastier with Panasonic NN-CD87 Convection Microwave Oven

Make convenient cooking healthier and tastier with Panasonic NN-CD87 Convection Microwave Oven

CD87 boasts innovative ‘Healthy Air Frying Program’, Genius Sensor and ‘One-Push Reheating’ that ensure health is not compromised while cooking

As comfort and convenience have become the mantra of modern cooking, preservatives, additives, and numerous hazardous ingredients turn it into a deadly mix. The concept has become widely popular among every household you take, as one struggles to meet every task in their to-do lists and run between work and home chores.

While we alter our eating habits in tune with the hectic life, it is crucial to be conscious of the health hazards one might be inviting. And cooking at home has long proven to be the antidote. But it is not always possible to cook from scratch, especially when one is running late for the office or home schooling their children. That is when Panasonic NN-CD87 Convection Microwave oven can help. From its easy one-push reheating options to a family-sized cooking space, the Japanese-made kitchen appliance is the perfect companion one needs to spruce up their à la carte dish.

The NN-CD87 slimline Convection microwave oven comes packed with Genius Sensor that monitors steam levels, ‘One-Push Reheating’ button, preset combi menus, and Panasonic’s innovative microwave inverter technology that manages heat for better results.

Katsuki Nishimura - Manager, PMMAF, said: “The NN-CD87 and other small appliances in our Home Made Goodness line up are designed to redefine cooking at home by offering convenience and healthy food. The Healthy Air Frying Convection Microwave programme and intelligent sensors are trendsetters in microwave oven technology, this intelligent work of kitchen appliance from Japan is a versatile allrounder loaded with all the features you need. The product is the right fit for busy households to whom healthy and convenience cooking is a key priority.”

Crispy fried chicken, potato chips and nuggets are some of the go-to nibbles everybody craves. However, cooking them usually involves copious amounts of oil, which isn’t exactly great for health. The air fryer menu in the CD87 helps cook foods by circulating hot air around an inner chamber, yielding a crunchy texture and recreating the crispiness of fried foods without using oil. With this option, one can enjoy french fries, nuggets, and wings - crispy and delicious sans the calories.

There is an Easy One-push Reheating option in the CD87, which automatically calculates the optimal reheating results without any chance for overcooking or undercooking. With a single press of the button, the CD87 gets the job done by calculating the time it takes for cooking automatically. It comes with the Combination cooking program, and advanced inverter enables simultaneous use of two heat sources for faster and better cooking results. Pre-programmes for children includes puréed fruits/veg, pasta bake, vegetable fries and more.

Meanwhile, the Genius Sensor ensures optimal results. It reads the steam levels in the microwave and sets the best heating time for the dish keeping all its nutrients in. Simply select the preferred Sensor Auto Programme, and start cooking a variety of dishes without worrying about choosing the power, time, or weight. The microwave oven comes in an impressive slimline design that reduces its overall footprint by approximately 15 per cent as compared to the conventional combination oven with 34L, yet offers enough space to cook a whole chicken. It comes with a spacious 36cm glass turntable, providing enough room to use large dishes and plates with more flexibility.


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