Panasonic makes cutting and blending effortless with MX-S401

Kuwait City, Kuwait

Panasonic’s latest kitchen essential is sure to make home cooking effortless and fun – the MX-S401 Hand Blender. Powered by an 800-watt motor, the MX-S401 boasts an innovative four-blade blending system, which effectively cuts and churns the toughest ingredients, thus easily taking the hassle out of preparing a wide variety of dishes, including nutritious baby food.

Using Panasonic’s advanced blade technology, the MX-S401’s four-blade system delivers outstanding results at all times with its ability to finely cut ingredients.

The durable, stainless-steel blender wand can easily reach into deep bowls, pots and jars – safe for hot or cold food and beverages. Designed with safety and comfort in mind, the wand can be immersed directly into the pot or pitcher for savoury, creamy soups and even velvety smoothies.

Katsuki Nishimura - Manager, PMMAF said, “The MX-S401, with its unique four-blade blending system and handy attachments, is a must-have kitchen tool designed to help busy consumers in Kuwait reconnect with the joys of home cooking. From soups, snacks, and salads to entrees, side dishes, desserts and even baby food, preparing multi-course meal is now possible with just a single appliance.”

“Panasonic has always been known for kitchen appliances with high-quality Japanese craftmanship and the MX-S401 is a great addition to the brand’s product range. It is a brilliant combination of elegant design and powerful functionality with its innovative features,” commented Omar Massouh – Director, Corporate Marketing & Public Relations at Easa Husain Al-Yousifi Company.

Built for high-performance and reliable blending, the MX-S401 carries other top-notch features, among them:

  • Handy Attachments – The Chopper attachment easily cuts vegetables and minces meat while the Whisk is perfect for whipping cream, cake batter and more. There is also the Cutter Holder, which serves as a cover when the blender is not in use, and as a holder while cooking.
  • Easy Speed Control – Choose the ideal speed setting – High, Pulse or Low –to match the recipe and the ingredients.
  • Child Lock and 2-Step Switch – These functions prevent accidental operation when not in use, or when mounting or removing an attachment.
  • Double Motor Protection Devices – For maximum safety, the blender is equipped with a circuit breaker, and it will be activated when it is overloaded. The built-in Thermostat also stops the appliance’s operation when excessive heat is detected due to continuous usage.
  • Dishwasher-safe – The stainless-steel shaft, beaker, chopper bowl and whisk are all dishwasher-safe so they can be easily washed, at the same time keep them constantly clean and hygienic.

The Panasonic MX-S401 Hand Blender, is now available in Kuwait at all Best Al-Yousifi Electronics Showrooms and authorized distributors.


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