Panasonic Rolls Out widest line up with 11 new AC Models qualifying the New Energy Efficiency Regulations in Oman

Panasonic Rolls Out widest line up with 11 new AC Models qualifying the New Energy Efficiency Regulations in Oman

Japanese manufacturer continues to make major strides towards sustainability with the launch of a new air conditioner lineup that is highly energy-efficient and built to meet extreme weather conditions of the region

Muscat, Oman

Panasonic, a consistent global leader in efficient and innovative air conditioning solutions, has unveiled its latest lineup of air conditioners for the Omani market, which complies with the new energy efficiency regulations in the Sultanate. Launched in collaboration with its local partner, Oman Marketing and Services Company LLC (OMASCO), the new range AC models are built with an eco-friendly, non-ozone layer depleting R410A refrigerant, and engineered for maximum performance and reliability with unmatched high energy efficiency. 

Deepak Krishnan – Deputy General Manager, Panasonic said, “Panasonic has always been consistently focused on its environmental responsibility. The launch of these high energy-efficient R410A air conditioner models is in line with our committed efforts of leading the way in providing efficient, responsible air solutions to our customers in Oman. Our R&D is all about ease of use and innovative features that not only respond to customer needs but help in the development of the society. With products like these that promote sustainability, we intend to further strengthen our market leadership in providing best room air conditioners in the country.”

The new lineup is led by the Elite V Series models, which boasts powerful cooling technologies to provide users with a comfortable space and optimal room temperature wherever they may be in the room. Through its Jetstream feature, the AC achieves a maximum airflow length of 25 meters, bringing clean, comfortable air to every corner of the room.

The ACs feature best in the industry pipe length capability of 40M total and 30M vertical. These improvements have been a result of using a much faster and more efficient rotary ‘Ninja’ compressors, which realize ultra-quick start up and less energy losses.

The V Series ACs are also built with Aerowings, which are flexible twin flaps that can direct and concentrate airflow to cool an area effectively. There is also the Nanoe-G feature that cleans the air by eliminating bacteria, viruses, and even PM2.5 from the room air, as well as the ECONAVI, which uses sensor technology to monitor the room in order to achieve smart air conditioning that matches the room environment. Designed with a level of durability that delivers high performance even under the harsh environment of region, these ACs were developed under tough specifications, allowing them to withstand operating temperatures of up to 55ºC, as well as prevent the entry of sand and dust.

Moreover, the condenser fins are specially blue-coated to enhance its durability. These specially coated layers serve as protection against corrosion from air, water and other corrosive agents.

“Panasonic designed these new R410A models making sure that performance, reliability and sustainability all blend in perfectly together. These are exciting new solutions that the customers and the market will truly benefit from,” commented Navin Batta, Head of Operations, OMASCO LLC.

In addition to the Elite V Series, Panasonic also debuted these other R410A models:
• Premium PV Series – key features include Jetstream, Aerowings, Bluefin Condenser, Ninja Compressor, and long pipe length capability of 40M total and 30M vertical; durable and tough design; offered in 18kBtu, 24kBtu and 30kBtu capacities.
• Deluxe KV Series – key features include Aerowings, EcoTough Outdoor Unit, Bluefin Condenser, Ninja Compressor, and long pipe length capability of 15M; durable and tough design; offered in 18kBt and 24kBtu capacities.
Standard RV Series – key feature is its big and strong Shogun reciprocating compressor powerful cooling and reliable performance under harsh conditions; offered in 18kBtu, 24kBtu and 30kBtu capacities.


Oman Marketing and Services Company LLC, an ISO 9001-2015 certified company is the authorized distributor of Panasonic Consumer and Applied products in Oman. Established in 1974, the company represents world-renowned and best in class brands in the Sultanate of Oman.

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