Panasonic to speed up your food preparation with new blenders

Kuwait City, Kuwait

Panasonic has introduced two new innovations in fresh food preparation and kitchen convenience for the Kuwaiti market – the MX-KM5070 and MX-KM3070 blenders.Built with high-quality Japanese craftmanship Panasonic has always been known for, these blenders boast a wide range of programmes and easy-to-use features to help users enjoy a variety of flavours from gourmet dishes to succulent desserts to the most refreshing drinks any time of the day.

Featuring a 1.5 L capacity glass jug, theblenders are built with powerful motor – 800W for MX-KM5070 and 600W for MX-KM3070 – offering unprecedented performance.

In addition to the high-performance motor, a key highlight of the blenders are the 4 stainless steel sawtooth blades that are uniquely designed. The upper blade is designed for powerful crushing while the lower blade is built to further cut the ingredients after the crushing process.

Another ingenious feature of the blenders is the Power Circulation by V&M technology that ensures the ingredients are dynamically mixed. The ‘V’ motion lifts the ingredients, while ‘M’ movement strikes them against the four-ribbed jug wall and lets them drop for a perfectly thorough blending.

Katsuki Nishimura - Manager, PMMAF, said, “Both models of the blender can definitely ease your food preparation in the kitchen. The technology behind the sawtooth blade will be truly appreciated as it ensures any ingredient will be finely cut as desired.”

“Panasonic has built a legacy of kitchen appliances that has no doubt revolutionized our meal preparation and cooking habits. The MX-KM5070 and MX-KM3070 blenders are easy and convenient solutions for those who would like to incorporate fresh, healthy food into their diets. Recognizing the shift amongst Kuwaiti consumers towards healthy eating, these new Panasonic blenders are indeed great additions to your kitchen counter,” added Omar Massouh – Director, Corporate Marketing & Public Relations at Easa Husain Al-Yousifi Company.

The blenders also come with two 2 Dry Mills offering users the freedom of having a dedicated mill for specific ingredients, that is, one for spices and another one for coffee beans.

On the safety front, Panasonic ticks all the boxes starting from the four-sealing lips on the jug cover for leak prevention, safety lock for mounted jars, and an overload circuit breaker to prevent motor failure.

The Panasonic MX-KM5070 and MX-KM3070 Blenders are now available in Kuwait at all Best Al-Yousifi Electronics Showrooms and authorized distributors.


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