Share Goodness this Eid Al Adha with Panasonic’s Kitchen Innovations

Share Goodness this Eid Al Adha with Panasonic’s Kitchen Innovations

Eid Al Adha is a time to celebrate with family and loved ones and to share the joy and the spirit of giving. But no celebration is complete without sumptuous meals and heartfelt gifts. When Eid celebrations call for delicious meals and rejuvenating drinks, cooking them up for loved ones should be less tiring and more enjoyable by all means. Panasonic’s latest kitchen line up boasts of offering just that.

Cooking up a grand spread as the family and friends gather is made easy with Panasonic Home-Made Goodness kitchen appliances during the festivities. They bring together smart cooking and great-taste in every platter of Eid al Adha specials. More so, they make the perfect gift for loved ones. The Home-Made Goodness concept aims to celebrate the joy of fresh food and to create great experiences. The campaign focuses on innovative technologies that enable joyful and healthy cooking at home and creating memorable social experiences. This motto is at the heart of Panasonic’s new range of small kitchen appliances.

“Panasonic continues to bring goodness to homes in the middle east as they get ready to celebrate Eid Al Adha. We aim to make our customer’s lives better with every concept uniquely designed to make their kitchen convenient, creative and the delicacies healthy. Our Home-Made Goodness products bring customers top-class kitchen appliances to make their cooking experience less cumbersome and more enjoyable. For a century now, our products are created with Japanese quality and craftsmanship to provide solutions that are the perfect kitchen assistance you need for the expansive cooking this Eid,” commented Keisuke Nakagawa – Director, Consumer Marketing, PMMAF.

Panasonic aims to make homemade cooking easy and to play an integral role in their customers’ daily lives with the Home-Made Goodness product line.

Meat Grinder MK-ZJ3500
MK-ZJ3500 has everything one needs in a meat grinder, the real secret to delicious, homemade mincemeat. There are hordes of benefits in grinding meat at home; now you can be assured no cheap cuts get mixed in and decide on the perfect fat meat to fat ratio. This ‘Made-in-Japan’ meat grinder produces less noise yet ensures that it doesn’t fall short on performance. It grinds large amounts of meat in an incredibly short amount of time, thanks to the Japanese blade technology. Panasonic engineers have selected the ideal ‘R-Shaped’ blade angle for efficiently grinding a high volume of meat at high speed. It has a powerful DC motor that operates on a maximum of 3,500W to produce outstanding torque.

Microwave Oven NN-CD87
The newly launched 34L convection microwave, NN-CD87 is specially designed to make cooking easier and healthier. The inverter oven combines microwave with convection heating to make tastier food quicker. With the Healthy Air Frying auto menu’s and Re-bake program, create your own signature air fried chicken or perfectly fluffy croissant at home. Worry no more about overcooking, the NN-CD87 features Panasonic’s ‘the Genius’ sensor that monitors steam and adjusts reheating time automatically. One more feature to fall in love with, is the smart combination cooking program. It allows selection of the right ‘heat & time’ combination with a single push button and has five preset modes to match each type of food in the microwave. The NN-CD87 comes with enough space to keep a whole chicken, even a 36cm wide dish can fit in the oven perfectly.

3-in-1 Juicer Blender MJ-DJ31
Now drink fresh juice every day for better health with the 3-in-1 Juicer Blender, MJ-DJ31 that extracts all the goodness of fruits into your glass. Panasonic MJ-DJ31 juicer gives freedom from messy chopping and straining processes. A large-diameter juicer means one can drop in a whole apple without cutting it into smaller pieces. The all-metal spinner holds the ingredients in the middle. It cuts ingredients more finely, allowing the juicer to extract the best flavors and whole goodness of the fruits while fine filter mesh catches pulp more effectively. The MJ-DJ31 is as convenient as it is efficient, the juicer spout rotates 120 degrees to make pouring to different glasses easy without having to reposition the juicer. The spout also tilts upwards to preserve every drop. Above all, it comes with glass jug blender and mill which will be a great help in the kitchen.

Ice Crushing Blender MX-KM5070
Creating healthy refreshments and various flavors is much easier now with the Ice Crushing Blender MX-KM5070. The unique sawtooth blades of the MX-KM5070 ice crusher blender are designed to prepare a variety of dishes via a combo of powerful crushing and cutting. The specially designed blades have the right thickness and sharpness to ensure ice blocks are crushed efficiently and effectively. With a combination of four ribs on the jug and the finely shaped blades, the food is blended convectively in V&M direction. In addition to the V&M technology, a powerful 800W motor dynamically circulates ingredients to lift them in the jar for perfect smooth blending.

Fully Automated Bread Maker SD-ZB2512
Bake fresh and delicious bread at home with the all-new Bread maker SD-ZB2512. Designed to provide ease and effortless convenience in the kitchen, this fully automated bread maker features yeast and fruit nut dispensers. The yeast dispenser drops yeast automatically in optimum timing, like a skilled worker, while the raisin nut dispenser pushes out chopped dried fruits perfectly. The perfectly timed dispensation ensures an even distribution of ingredients on the loaf. It comes with a temperature sensor that allows each bread-making program to adjust its process according to the ambient temperature. With a total 33 programs including dough, compote/ jams, this appliance is a kitchen must-have for easy preparation of foods tailored specific to your taste & dietary needs.


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