Care+ For Everyday Laundry Needs

Care+ For Everyday Laundry Needs

Care for your family begins with clean and hygienic laundry.

Care+ is developed with the understanding of your baby and kids’ activities and habits as they grow. Active kids are no stranger to stained clothes, this equals to more steps for pre-treatment in getting rid of unforeseeable hygienic risks and stains; which takes up more time.

Care+ is the Hygiene & Stain Expert that provides you with innovative Japan Quality Cleaning Technologies to remove bacteria, allergens, and stubborn stains. Enjoy effortless everyday washing that keeps you and your family safe and clean.

Image for Care For Your Baby. Eliminate bacteria, allergens and stains from your baby's clothes.

Care For Your Baby

Bringing extraordinary hygiene to your laundry. Our unique optimized care eliminates bacteria, allergens, and stains from the fabric fibres effectively.

Image for Care For Your Clothes. Remove stubborn stains on your family's clothes.

Care For Your Clothes

Stain removal care for the whole family. Leave the stubborn stains (mud, sauce, oil stains) on your family’s clothes to us. Our Hot Wash technology removes up to 99.99% of bacteria too.

Image for Care For You & Your Family. Quickly finish your laundry with ease, and spend more time with family.

Care For You & Your Family

Hygienic, spotless laundry made easy with Care+. Our Japan Technologies and user-friendly design helps you save time, while easing the caring for your family’s overall wellbeing and health.

Care+ Clean & Hygienic Washing

Introduce innovative Japan Quality cleaning technologies to your home. Each feature of Care+ is designed to provide extra hygiene care and stain removal for your family.
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Care+ Washing Machine for Any Lifestyles

Panasonic has a variety of washing machines, such as the Front Load & Top Load and Washer Dryer and types. You can find the one that best suits the way you live!