Blue Ag Bacteria Elimination | Fridge


Effectively Eliminates 99.99%* Bacteria

The combination of the blue LED lights, antibacterial Blue Ag filter and -3°C airflow eliminates 99.99%* of bacteria for fresher, cleaner storage.

Powerful Cleaning Technology

Blue Ag effectively suppresses the growth of bacteria with silver ions and blue LED light. When used in combination with Prime Fresh, which freezes food at -3°C while retaining its delicious qualities, it significantly eliminates bacteria and preserves food hygienically.


Blue LED light maximises the effects of the Blue Ag+ filter

When the blue LED light shines on the Blue Ag filter mounted in the Prime Fresh case, powerful hydroxyl radicals are generated by photocatalytic action to suppress the growth of bacteria. When Blue Ag is used in combination with Prime Fresh, the hydroxyl radicals significantly eliminate bacteria in the case and preserve food hygienically.

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