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Smart Controller with Built-In Bluetooth® and Wireless LAN Functions


IoT Integrated Smart Controller “CONEX”

CONEX offers IoT integration that connects directly to a variety of apps for next-generation solutions. Easy control and access for end users, installers, and service partners with just one remote.
  • Bluetooth®
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Smart Comfort with CONEX

CONEX Remote Controller is fully integrated with IoT solutions by connecting to 3 types of Mobile Applications. 
1) Comfort Cloud App: Remote via Wireless LAN for end users.
2) H&C Control App: Detailed operation and maintenance settings for end users and installers.
3) H&C Diagnosis App: Diagnosis and troubleshooting tools for service partners.
Smart Comfort with CONEX

Easy Control and Remote Access for Business Owners with Panasonic Comfort Cloud App

Remote Operation via Wireless LAN

Panasonic Comfort Cloud allows you to control and
monitor Panasonic air conditioning from anywhere using a smartphone or tablet.
* Not available for VRF systems
Remote Operation via Wireless LAN

For Restaurant Owners

24-hour nanoe™ X Protection* can be controlled in restaurants even when they’re closed.
* The nanoe™ X mode can be run independently from cooling or heating mode, and needs to be on for the 24 hour air protection to function.
For Restaurant Owners

For Shop Owners

Give visitors a comfortable experience by turning on the air conditioning before opening.
For Shop Owners

For Boutique Hotel Owners

Give your guests a pleasant welcome by cooling down the room’s air conditioning before your guests arrive.
For Boutique Hotel Owners

Panasonic H&C Control App

Comfort Day to Day Operations

Panasonic H&C Control App: User-friendly day-to-day
operations via bluetooth®.
Comfort Day to Day Operations

Intuitive Operation for Easy Configuration

H&C Control App makes complex initial set-up visually touch and feel easy and responds swiftly to clients’ requests via Bluetooth® using a smartphone or tablet.
Intuitive Operation for Easy Configuration

Activate to Purify Spaces All Day Long

Panasonic air purification function “nanoe™ X” can be turned ON or OFF with just the touch of a remote control button.
Activate to Purify Spaces All Day Long

Maximize Comfort and Energy-Saving

Along with ECONAVI sensor “CZ-CENSC1”, human activity levels can be detected for optimum energy saving operations, while maximizing comfort.
* This feature is available on certain models only.
Maximize Comfort and Energy-Saving



Photo of CZ-RTC6BLW
  • Bluetooth®Bluetooth®

Control comfort with your smartphone. Flexible control options with IoT integration.

Panasonic Comfort Cloud App for remote operation 24/7/365.

Panasonic H&C Control App for daily remote control operation with easy initial settings.

Panasonic H&C Diagnosis App for diagnosis and trouble shooting of your air conditioning system.

Panasonic clean air technology nanoe™ X and energy-saving ECONAVI control functions.

Dimensions (mm) (H) 86 × (W) 86 × (D) 25
Weight 0.10 kg
Temperature/Humidity range 0 ˚C to 40 ˚C / 20% to 80% (No condensation)
*Indoor use only.
Power Source DC16 V (supplied from indoor unit)
Clock Precision ± 30 seconds/month (at normal temperature 25 ˚C)
*Adjust periodically.
Clock Holding time 24 hours (When fully charged) (at normal temperature 25 ˚C)
*Approx. 8 hours are required for full charge.
Number of connected indoor units Indoor unit: Up to 8 units (Within group-controlling)
OS version on the mobile device for “Panasonic H&C Control App” iOS: 10.0 or later
Android™: 6.0 or later
Bluetooth® version 4.2 or later
OS version on the mobile device for “Panasonic Comfort Cloud”app iOS: 9.0 or later
Android™: 5.0 or later
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