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Indoor Air Quality Controller with 4 sensors (Temperature, Humidity, PM 2.5, CO2)



IAQ in Your Palm with IoT Capability

It detects not only temperature and humidity, but also CO2 concentration and PM2.5, and automatically controls the operation of the supply fan according to the detected value.
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Visualise Fresh Air, Enjoy Safe and Secure Air Quality

Precise air volume control at 5 levels. Remote control from anywhere via smartphone apps. Based on IAQ information, ventilation is automatically controlled. Ventilation air volume regulated based on CO2 levels detected by sensor.
1)Temperature 2)Humidity 3)PM2.5 level 4)CO2 level 5)Filter change/cleaning indicator 6)Ventilation air volume
Visualise Fresh Air, Enjoy Safe and Secure Air Quality

Remotely Control from Anywhere via WiFi

[Smart Control] •Remotely control anytime, anywhere (ON/OFF, operation mode, air volume) •Check status of product group and switch ON/OFF •Set weekly timers for multiple units
[Smart Efficiency] •More comfort with less wasted energy via remote control before arrival •Remotely switch off the product, even when you are out
Remotely Control from Anywhere via WiFi

Integrated Solution for Indoor Air Quality and Comfort

The Complete Air Management System controls temperature, humidity and indoor air quality to ensure comfort automatically. CAMS operation is possible by linking IAQ controller with wall mounted air conditioner.
* Applicable for Built-in WiFi type only.
Integrated Solution for Indoor Air Quality and Comfort



Photo of FV-SCGPW1

4 sensors (temperature, humidity, PM 2.5, CO2).

Air quality indication and 3 operation modes.

Built-in WiFi capability allows for Mobile App (Panasonic Comfort Cloud) control available

Basic operation (ON/OFF, airflow switching, etc).

Energy consumption monitoring, functions that can be realized by connecting to the Mobile App (Panasonic Comfort Cloud).

Voltage / Power consumption DC 7 V / 5.6 W
External dimensions (mm) 120 * 120 * 38 (Body only)
120 * 120 * 18 (Installation state)
Weight 0.3 kg
Use condition 10 °C~40 °C, Relative humidity less than 85% (Indoor Use)
Wireless LAN Standard IEEE 802.11 b/g/n
Wireless LAN Frequency range 2.4 GHz band
Wireless LAN Encryption WPA2-PSK (TKIP/AES)